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Armando Payne
Last Activity:
Sep 14, 2015
Jan 8, 2011
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Armando Payne

Well-Known Member

Armando Payne was last seen:
Sep 14, 2015
    1. fango pango
      fango pango
      your character seems very doctor-y
    2. fango pango
      fango pango
      In regards to your post

      We're ending soon, so its not too bad you've been gone but hey..it's been good and im doing good plots and rp posts working well
    3. fango pango
      fango pango
      apologies for you missin tonne of stuff, but we're near the end of a plot xD
    4. fango pango
      fango pango
      it's funny cos i made him SU him like 4 times before barely lettin him in and now i want to kill hiim just so he can go WTF I say important to the plot and it's valid
    5. fango pango
      fango pango
      heeey i like-nah i ****ing love moffat xD

      but seriously the n00bs in the game are pissing me off for not letting me work the plot out right

      and i was very tempted to kill sparky just to piss the guy off
    6. fango pango
      fango pango
      i'm not moffat

      so no

      i intend to have few plots then new version of the game

      just like how it used to be
    7. fango pango
      fango pango
      well fair enough do it as you wsh im just saying it doesnt HAVE to be mirrors.

      also ye this one is going to end with (hopefully) good ending. unlike some (stares at poketown)
    8. fango pango
      fango pango
      doesn't have to be opposite just has to be...not their first version.
    9. fango pango
      fango pango
      " I had this girlfriend "

      gettin into some joker **** here xD
    10. fango pango
      fango pango
      Doppelganger can join us, just gotta keep it subtle xD

      We're moving forwards ONWARDS
    11. fango pango
      fango pango
      sorry about all this spam, omst of it i couldnt moderate and everyones decided it's about time to go uber in a church

      especially heroicrein ,_,
    12. fango pango
      fango pango
      it's ok, on the bright side she was accepted xD
    13. fango pango
      fango pango
      happy?? THERE'S PLOT

      ****ING PLOT

    14. fango pango
      fango pango
      And here's your warnng

      I didn't accept your Ann character before now and you started RP'ing. This is not correct. Please wait until I am able to accept you, but she is now officially a member so go along your merry way but please don't do this again
    15. fango pango
      fango pango
      can you pleasse make your character not a legendary please? just foro now i feel it best
    16. fango pango
      fango pango
      I need Pokelegend to say somethin to me so I can but hope you have good holiday
    17. fango pango
      fango pango
      Well. Another key is that they aren't just the stereotypical TAKE OVER THE WORLD villain without development
    18. fango pango
      fango pango
      I just want the exile. I feel she could come back later on but right now it would be best to have this happen. Even if it only lasts a bit in the thread.

      Just need permission from Pokelegend to send the mayor into...somethin bad
      And it'll be done

      (Just whatever you do, don't post anythin bout how she won the votes, I think she'd probably rig it but don't say that or someone will ruin it)
    19. fango pango
      fango pango
      Ok so because now we have people to post in Poketown we can get it started.

      So...I have question.

      Would you be ok with Mosque having to leave Poketown once she's through as temp mayor?

      Not permanently (maybe) but like an exile. You can still play if she does but you can't be Mosque if so until the foreseeable future.
    20. Burakoru
      NO, NO, DIGI is not a character, vote him off, DIGI is a waste of space, DIGI couldn't do anything correct if it's life depended on it, vote DIGI out I'm not gonna have a repeat of last season when that waste of space reached the end.
      Ok; I'm sorry.

      I'm going to say this once, and say it good, so pay attention Armando.

      CALM THE **** DOWN!. Grey Walrus was a new ref, so we couldn't expect him to make every character great. The Meddler KNOWS what he's doing though; He won't just be a waste of space this time around.

      And really, how would you like it if someone repeatedly hated on your character, calling it a waste of space. >_>;
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