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  • Yes because then we won't have randoms everywhere. MAYBE there will be villains that are more than just boss battles
    I have like 3 other plot ideas too, ut that one in particular is the one I intend to run first, because it actually works out pretty well considerin right now everyone hates Mosque

    I know it's currently a wreck; i'm not on here much, and once this meteor arc thing is through, i'm handing this rp's plot over to you.
    this is the best thing he's done since the start of this thread. Finally something right .__.
    Because that'd be against personal rules, as of yet he's owner, we wait til he's online atleast because he may change everything. If he listens to his community (something I would do btw) he could make a coomeback
    Man i'd end up with someone sayin IF ONLY THERE WERE A METEOR COMIN TO KILL US ALL, IF ONLY THAT WOULD HAPPEN (awkward stare at pokelegend)

    If I become head runner of this game I will genuinely do this
    That's possibe actually .__.

    How everyone had the same dream AT the same time makes more sense than Poketown has so far

    No but really, I could make this thread something amazing EVEN WITH THE **** THAT'S GONE DOWN BEFORE THIS


    Just say the murderer and meteor fell into a portal to a universe where seahorses are god's, and we're all in Poketown

    I just wana say...I did have some nice words for Pokelegend when he started this RP...but now....seriously...he might aswell just give it to me i'm more active a better storyteller AND a better rule-follower, despite these being his rules
    We apologize for all plot holes in this thread and of course the lack of storytelling ability. Due to this you may feel a small twinge of butthurt or potential rage. If this is the case, you clearly have more common sense than Pokelegend has ever had. We wish that you reply to this as soon as possible and we hope you have a good day.

    The desk of fango pango
    "Yeah, but someone's going to have to get out of the way and get Dialga, Palkia, and Giratina."

    ...why would they?
    That's what makes me a better plot writer at the moment, my want for people to vary my storylines to fit their characters
    Well i'm one in RPs who thinks the best plots are those crafted by character actions instead of it only havin 1 possible outcome
    Well actually...the Finn Sarina thing is merely Finn havin a connection to Sarina...nothing special, just a mental thing for him and no-one else. Though we have planned the relationship to go that way, and go so much deeper than that.

    I think the idea of Mosque being a villain is better than these randomers Pokelegend makes at this moment which come and go never to be heard from again.
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