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  • I think instead it'd be interesting to keep her completely mad and whatnot but maybe give her some power. Say Jon got messed up so bad he went to hospital in a coma and via some voting (which she rigged I guess) she becomes temporary Poketown mayor. Which proceeds to her messin with **** which leads to other bad things goin on in Poketown. Just a draft idea but, i'd approve of you doing that. Mainly because it'd finally give Mosque somethiing to do and with the power she had she could go from punching bag to dictator. THINK GADDAFI IN POKEMON
    I have so many ideas for Poketown, but Pokelegend just seems to be goin on his own ideas and they're so scattered, I wish I could make a plot because it'd actually make a development and Mosque could actually DO SOMETHING
    I understand. I should have added the part where Ramón was actually looking for Frederik to help Amy, but knocked out Mizu for "throwing the scalchop at him". I'll edit that part.

    But now I'm more confused as to how you make up terms. Whenever I can't think of some term for an argument, I just type the definition of the term on google and can find similar terms that I don't initially consider.
    I really don't understand what you meant in the RP thread. What did Ramón do to Frederik that frustrated you so much? It's role-playing with other members, so if the role-playing didn't go your way, then it simply didn't. There are so many times I want the RPing to help lead up to my character's development, but it doesn't usually go that way and I change it yo fit the current events.
    So sorry that I'm not doing things your way if that's the case.
    And how am I Godmodding?!
    If you wish to show it as Mosque, say you want that Spiritomb for your burger as Mosque.

    That's all I was saying.

    I'm not trying to be confronational or seem like i'm looking ddown on you. I'm not attempting to pull that off. I just really care for the RP and A)don't want it to be shut down and B)want it to work well. I may be old fashioned but I believe the plotpoints (suchh as the spiritomb) should not be tampered with unless the owner/plot maker let's you. This prevents uberness and means less plotholes later in the story. I believe that the chaaracter you have is yours to use and because of that you should treat it with maturity and respect. Treat it like your role in a story, you can do what you want with it (within reason) but in return you must respond to plots in a way which means the plots stay linear as opposed to coming to a sudden stop. I know I sound like i'm going WAAAAY over the top but I do care for this kind of stuff, because it's how I used Serebii for the first year and a half.

    I'm a nice person in general really but all I ask is treat the RP with respect. Don't ruin it please.
    A and B) Whereas I like the idea of you being your character at all times in the thread, putting it in bracket's and without it obviously being your character. Even so, breaking the 4th wall like that is not the best thing in a plot unless it's got a comical idea behind it.

    C) Once again, you aren't your character, you are you. Therefore, you need to either show it's her, or stop and edit your post.

    I know what spamming means, if your posting in a roleplay without your character being involved in it, it's spam.

    Also about the humour, this seems like the kind of post of someone who's havin a joke, and sayin it's significant. I could probably think that's ok if I didn't think you meant it.

    (Actually it holds great significance to the plot, it's the ingredient for Mosque's next burger.)
    ...Great significance eh?....Ok A)wrong B)stop spamming you can sort this out through VM's or PM's, or atleast post something for the RP, and C)Yes I do have a sense of humour but this is just wrong...
    Can't say I'm much of a J-Pop fan. There's either too much autotune, too little-no autotune, overdone, underdone, or not relatable to. Wait that sounds like SM Entertainment of K-Pop. I like Japanese versions of K-pop songs though.
    4Minute has good pop music, but I really like the gothic feel of the saxophone in their song "Volume Up". The media said "What's Your Name?" was going to be more like their original tracks. However it wasn't too familiar.

    Have you ever listened to 2PM?

    Yeah, I also listen to most genres without discrimination. As long as the song is good and has a good instrumental I'll like the song.
    Personally i think Drake's new single is overplayed and a bit lackluster in the Rap world.

    And aren't you K-Pop fan? Just a bit? Well…
    So, what did you think of 4Minute's What Your Name??
    I found it to have a great bouncy beat, but I kinda lost interest in it after a few listens.

    Are you a fan of any SM Entertainment artists?
    A new round has begun in Pokemon Royal Rumble! Oh, and this time you won't be unceremoniously booted.
    Armando, I'm sorry I made you wait this long for High Rollers, but it's not my fault Blitz went inactive. Speaking of Blitz, I got a PM from him a few minutes ago, he's wanting to be replaced in my games (going on a break from Serebii), so you're inheriting the champ spot and his winnings. All I need you to do 'til I can find someone to take the challenger spot is check in on the thread.
    Ok, i dont exactly love the idea of your character being a minitour, but please remove all the sexual stuff.
    Yeah, we all know that it must have happened, but this site does have kids on it. And i dont want to turn people away from the game.
    Apparentley, you read nothing of the part in bold, so I'll explain it: You get banned from Serebii, you get automatically eliminated. The same happened with Shymain, but I don't see you complaining about his 'unfair' elimination. Nor do you see him bitching about it.

    Secondly, please stop whining whenever something doesn't go your way. Besides making you look like a petty child, it's rather rude, and someone as 'logical' as you should know that. You have been eliminated from the game, and no amount of whining and complaining on the thread, insisting that you're the one who's right, will change that. For someone who is so willing to hear others opinions and wants to have their opinion heard, here's some advice: Stop trying to shove your opinion down everyone's throat. It gets on everyone's nerves, leading to situations like these.

    Also, I'd appreciate it if you could actually be polite when talking to other people, instead of acting like a psychopathic 10 year old who didn't get the pony he wanted, or something.

    Finally, I will report you to the mods for not respecting the rules of the thread. Any response to this VM will be promptly ignored and deleted.

    Thank you for your time.
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