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  • Hmm, I've only ever seen cymbals from Zildjian. That's just me though. I'm not a drummer XP

    All the really good-quality music stuff is expensive. :(
    Yepp. :3

    And Zildjian, can't forget that. And for guitars, it's Gibson through and through. I live but an hour and a half from a Gibson manufacturer. :3
    Yeah. Lot of work, but good for most future careers. :)

    It's Roland, Korg, and Yamaha that are the best for music. That's keyboard-wise, at least. There's obviously different specialty manufacturers for different instruments.
    It is complex. :p You see, I haven't exactly decided on a major yet, so I'm just going for a very general degree. I'm currently dual-enrolled with college classes and high school-level homeschool subjects, so that's how I'm graduating in May. :3

    Currently I've got a Casio keyboard, a Yamaha sustain pedal, a Behringer effects module (An auditory beast) and a Silvertone guitar that I use for drone/ambience. No Roland stuff yet, but I've got my eye on some great stuff for the future. :3
    Working on an Associate of Science degree with an English concentration. :p

    Roland's always got the best stuff. :p
    In all likelihood, I'll be getting a new laptop as a graduation present in May, so it's looking pretty good.

    Hey, with that amount in USD (Almost $480) you could get some pretty decent music gear where I live. Although I'm sure a drum module would have to be expensive for all the stuff it can do. :p
    Meh, I'm not exactly saving up for it in particular. First I'd like a new laptop. Mine's falling apart at the hinges. :p

    That's pretty sweet. No wonder it's so expensive. D:
    Yeah. It's the same exact keyboard, just a different look and a fistful of cash. :p

    :D Electronic drums are funnnnnn. I spent the better part of an hour playing around with some at a local music store. So these pads you're getting, are they any particular drum sound, or are they programmable? Because I've seen both
    Then about £370 for white matte and £430 for black sparkle. So yeah. a little ridiculous.

    My drumming friend wore through a snare head like that. It was a pretty darn good snare, too. :( And your cowbell got run over. That's depressing. :p
    $600 in white matte finish, Nearly $700 in the black sparkle finish. It seems ridiculous, but I've heard of guitarists who pay $200+ just for better aesthetics. I'm going with white though.

    How does one go about breaking a cowbell? :eek:
    This is the keytar in particular that I'm looking at.

    So if you had all of those included, how many surfaces would you have in your kit?
    I still would like a keytar though. They always make for a great stage presence. :3

    Mhmmm. One of my friends, who is a drummer, actually has more pieces for his kit than he has stands and fixtures for. XD
    It is. :3 It's great for shows because of its compact design and light weight. I can pick it up and carry it around the performing area, if I'm so inclined.

    And that's quite the spiffy drum kit, yes. =3 I advise all drummers to one day build their kit up enough to look like Neil Peart's. XD
    But of course. :D It's just a 61-key Casio CTK-2000, but it's great for what I need. And I assume you have your own drums too?
    Told you it sucked xP The only good shirt I've got is one that says "Fat bikers bounce better" XD

    Tbh I don't remember the other ones that I had atm though...
    Eh, I'll just VM you them (when I remember em) and corrupt the innocence of anyone who decides to profile stalk you. XD

    Yeah, I know...lemme rthink of another one...

    i helped my uncle jack off a horse
    I helped my uncle, Jack, off a horse.

    Punctuation solves everything.
    (OK that one kinda sucked, but...)
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