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  • I finished Pikmin 2, and I really enjoyed it. I have Pikmin 3 on hold for a bit, while I play Pokemon XD.

    Just a guess, but do you like robots? I loved robots as a kid.
    One of my favorite poison dart frog is the green and black since its scientific name is Dendrobates Auratus, plus its coloring is awesome. The strawberry poison dart is also pretty cool.

    I like how the poison dart frogs will carry the tadpoles on their back.
    Same here. I loved them as long as I remember, and I love them now. I particularly like the red eye tree frog. BTW, I wanted to send you a friend request. I've been wanting to for a while. Feel free to accept or not accept it.
    As for me, Froakie all the way. Chespin is a close second, but damn I love frogs so freaking much.
    You love frogs too?
    I hope you don't find this creepy, but I'm going through your Tumblr and I love it. I need to make one for myself, but I don't know how Tumblr works. ;_;
    They added hoes to the pocket edition?
    Then I can finally live out my dream of being a pimp in a buggy on-the-go Java game.
    I just saw this and it made my day.
    I don't suppose you'd want a coupon for 75% off Portal 2? (making it $5) I have an extra one and noticed that you were one of the few on my friends list that did not own the game.
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