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Last Activity:
Oct 9, 2012
Mar 22, 2008
Likes Received:
May 25, 1991 (Age: 28)
California, U.S.
University Student

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floofy, 28, from California, U.S.

AromaFlora was last seen:
Oct 9, 2012
    1. Ausgirl
      Hey you closed a thread of mine a while back... would you be able to open it again so that I can delete it thanks. (The thread is titled "My new OU drizzle team")
    2. DarumakkaImposter
    3. Subaki7134
      you haven't been here either ****er

    4. DarumakkaImposter
      u bttr b back ur elce i will keel u and raep u hooooooooooooooooooo
    5. Alter ego
      Alter ego
      Seems to me that you're busy and our time zones are extremely different :/

      Well, do you remember that tradeback problem that occur to me a while ago? Well, we had a conversation via PM last week, and I would like to know if you want/wouldn't mind see the PM, since he's still refuses/says that can't trade back my 'mons...

      Let me know! Thanks :3
    6. jirachiuser1
      Aroma Flora are you still trading? Just asking since your trade shop hasn't been bumped in a while.
      Also are the wants in your shop still accurate to some degree?

      Thanks :)
    7. mandaringoby
      hey aroma i was wondering if you can trade now for the flawless japanese ditto
    8. Livinitup17
      Seems your still not on probably still busy from the holidays let me know when your back on :]
    9. davidw90uk
      ignore this, posted about a problem which I have since sorted, apologies!
    10. domhart94
      can i trade u for regi data
    11. Squirel Princess
      Squirel Princess
      Can you delete my poll please "Arcanine Lover's Trade Shop"
    12. Takeo
      Hate to bother you but can you take back the mudkip you gave me (who is a Marshtomp now) and teach it Ice Punch??
    13. Darkoon
      Hello AromaFlora... :3
      Could you possibly put a few more post below my second post on my trade shop? :3
      I've reached my limit on the first post, and now I need to use the second post and I need a few more post below the second one.. Thanks! :3
    14. Sizzle
      Okay. Added and I can trade whenever.
    15. BeastlyBoi
      I`m very sorry for the super late reply : [ It was around 12:00 am I believe when I pm you XD So I crash from exhaustion. Sleep is for the weak people : [
      Anywho,I will try my best to keep myself from not falling asleep thats means I`m gonna have to drink lots of caffeine tonight Lolz. Overdose here I come XD

      About the shop,Well, I still love the name though XD But I would like you to make a slight change to it by putting ~Beast`s and Catriona`s All you can Trade Pokemon Buffet ~ on it, Catriona(x_minature) is the -co-owner of the shop,thats permitted correct? I have seen several peoples runnings shops together so I`m assummin thats allow :P
    16. dewey911p
      well if your still in need i have a flawless Timid Reshiram UT and a shiny flawless UT Modest Kyurem and thanks for the info on the Regi :)
    17. Ragnarok
      Thank you. =^-^=
    18. dewey911p
      thats kinda a bummer about the nature, that might explain why one doesnt exist lol. a flawless TRU one would work too since you already have it but if i recall correctly you cant pokeshift and i only have a gen 5 game. that also means my request was kinda doomed from the start, sorry to waste your time like that :/ besides, i cant take it for free anyway :p i appreciate it but i really feel like i must give something in return. Interested in a flawless Virtuoso Victini? If nothing else i learned to look out for flawless shiny lvl 1 Regigigas thanks :) is the spread any better for the wild lvl 70 one?
    19. dewey911p
      when you say flawless shiny Regigigas is impossible, do you mean with your particular spread, or in general? sorry, but i dont have platinum and i dont no anything about 4th Gen RNGing so im just a little confused :p Flawless Shiny Regigigas and Registeel are the only 2 flawless shiny legends i need to complete my collection and none seem to exsist UT anywhere, at least not legit. any way im rambleing so ... Adamant flawless and not shiny works too :D If thats possible that would be great. i assume it comes with the standard semi-redis restrictions yes? Also, what would you like in exchange? Should i RNG something off of your want list or are you looking for any events/flawless shiny pokemon not listed?

      Thanks AromaFlora! :)
    20. Takeo
      Thank you so much, goodluck with the rest of your trades, hope no one becomes too selfish!
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    May 25, 1991 (Age: 28)
    California, U.S.
    University Student
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    Team Building Guide For Beginners!

    Trade Thread - has free flawless dittos! (both english and japanese)

    FC: 2365-5113-5595 (White)