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  • Did you ever upgrade the "spotted in Sun and Moon" list?

    I'm trying to see which Pokemon have the best chances of getting Alola forms.
    I think it's less on you and more on the same argument somehow being brought up independently in multiple topics
    ngl i got confused as to what thread i was in b/c that argument with a18 somehow spilt over into like 3 different threads
    That will work.

    Also, I'm pretty patient. I don't fret too much when "Game Freak should give me the news right now!"

    Seriously, though, people need to appreciate life when they are young.
    For the list - I believe if you ask Aromantic Mist about it, he is making up a list of those pokemon we've seen in trailers
    So I heard you had a list of previous generation Pokemon from the trailers.... Could I see it?
    im cis too so I was hoping you would see past the generalization, but that's fair, poor word use on my part :p
    I do believe it's good to always show support even when it's off topic, but yeah it was off topic definitely for a post or two there. I always think it's okay to go a little off topic if you still include a part about the pokemon conversation and it doesn't go more than two or three posts, but off topicness if off topicness.
    so typical of cis-genders to not apologize or even mention that they didn't word it right and just ***** about getting off topic on forum. Never taking responsibility! I think it's very good of you to point that out always for people who wouldn't stick up for themselves.
    What's the consensus for Rockruff possibly evolving into a wolf? Is it the howling at dusk mention?

    I say this because I still want my Ice-type wolf, not a Rock-type wolf.. xD
    Yeah it's so appealing but making that switch could be devastating to so many other parts of society. Anyway, new news is coming on the first! What do you think it could be?
    Wait college is seriously free over there? That is certainly interesting. I kinda wish it was free in the US, but I don't think I'd like it's toll on things like taxes and whatnot.
    Oh crap I meant to say Britain. I was born in Scotland actually. Some of my cousins live in Glasgow. I love visiting over there! Anyway like what's the difference? Are colleges just for undergrad and then unis are undergrad and grad?
    Tell me about it. Also, I had no idea you were in England. Now that question about college or university makes more sense, because I think they mean different things than over here lol.
    Particularly, contemporary fantasy is what I'd like to explore with. Probably because stuff like Harry Potter and Percy Jackson were my favorites growing up.
    I'd say fantasy. It's my favorite genre to read, too. But if I end up doing a pokemon fanfic it'd probably end up being a bit darker as well.
    Yeah that's why summer is a huge blessing. I actually think I'm going to try to start getting some ideas down, and we'll see what happens. And for music, all you gotta do is practice! Hard work can beat talent.
    Yeah man as soon as I get enough time I'm getting Overwatch. Both, for the music question. I love listening, and I sing and play instruments (guitar, double and electric bass, bagpipes, drums, and piano). I've been in my all-state choir and all-state orchestra, which were both really great times. I haven't gotten far with my writing as well lol. Maybe with school ending, when I feel like I can seriously write something I'll get around to it.
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