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  • Haven't gotten Overwatch yet but I've been planning to. I just can't seem to find the time lol. My favorite non-Nintendo series is Halo. I love the Xenoblade series too. I like Chronicles more than X though. I also do write a little as well. I've kinda wanted to do a Pokémon fanfic for a while, but haven't gotten around to it. Keep me updated on your writing; I'd love to give it a read whenever you finish.
    Other than gaming and my medical passion I guess my biggest passion is music. It's such an integral part of my life, you know? Like I was raised with all sorts of music playing constantly around me. I'm never not listening to something. Sports are also kinda interesting to me. I like playing a lot more than I do spectating lol. I work out a lot too.
    Yeah it's going to be a long road though. Definitely worth it in the end. As long as I can make a difference I think I'll be satisfied.
    I'd like to be a neurosurgeon, or a neurologist, as two of my grandparents died with Alzheimer's. They've always been my motivation as to what I want to do with my life.
    Well I'm going to RPI so I don't know what that counts as... Getting a bachelor's in biochemistry and biophysics though, with the plan on going to med school.
    Yo can I just say that I appreciate you being one of the very few level-headed and reasonable people in those S/M threads? Thanks for being a breath of intelligent air.
    Hi, you don't know me because I don't get on here much but I happened to get on here today and I noticed how much I like your signature. It made me feel better about myself because I like how you're confident. : - )
    Ehehe. I'm looking at my timeline and thinking ... "but .. I didn't post that...." ~ 3 avatars for everyone gets confusing. but sooo cool :p

    I'm kinda slow :p

    Exactly! Keep spoilers to a minimum! But I do want to see Cynthia again! :3

    Soaring! They need to keep that. But doubt it ;-;

    :p Thank god for twitter? ahaha pun.... ok i'll stop -.-
    I kinda like the derp of Hoothoot, but I'd prefer it if it was a bit more traditionally owl-like. And then Noctowl's the opposite for me, it looks too much like an actual owl eWe

    Oh yeah, ORAS were like completely spoiled. I mean so was X/Y, but to be fair, that was due to the CoroCoro due for after the game (which I believe always features the final starters and a decent amount of Pokemon) leaking before the game, and the early copies.

    Nah, with social media they couldn't get away with it without the greatest moan-meltdown ever :p
    And this owl doesn't look so durpy ~ Sorry HootHoot~

    Wow really? Makes sense really. I mean they spoiled too much about ORAS. Hopefully they won't spoil too much about SM.

    Heh. They can't get away with months these days? can... can they? ;-;
    I've always wanted an Owl pokemon. Other then the Noct line :3

    Are they? Wow. :/ Japanese Diamond works but that's gens ago now :/

    Oh well. Will have to wait I guess. I want to get straight into the competitive WiFi battling too! So the weeks wait will be annoying.
    You have good tastes in avatars! :p

    Kalos was quite pretty.

    Oh yes. Europe is being punished ;-;

    Could get a US copy imported :p. Would with Japanese but I can't read Japanese :/
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