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Jan 14, 2020 at 9:11 PM
Sep 10, 2009
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April 3

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Arsène was last seen:
Jan 14, 2020 at 9:11 PM
    1. Soriana
      Aw, you're welcome. It's my pleasure.
    2. Princess Logry
      Princess Logry
      Why do want me to be ur friend?
    3. TR4eva
      Well I suppose it's sort of like high-school to you guys =)
      Sadly, no they told me off I was too troublesome last time I visited the moon, hehe my bad!
      Ah, makes sense. I have Facebook but I rarely use it and I have Twitter which I use ALL the time =D
    4. TR4eva
      4 of them we get to choose when you reach my year group. They're for our qualifications when we leave school. Nah, it seems pretty normal!
      Yeah, about my disappearance... I flew to the moon!!! XD I wish haha, but they said I wasn't allowed back.
      Sorry, sarcasm taking over for a moment there! Well, it's hard to explain why I haven't been active in a while...
      IM, care to explain? I'm not really too with it right now, my brain is elsewhere and I keep forgetting to look for it!
    5. TR4eva
      3 classes, lucky! We have 9 subjects but 6 lessons per day.
      Good =) I could never see the fun in maths...
      Thanks, yeah but most of it is me not being bothered with anything anymore so I've been needing to catch up! =D
    6. TR4eva
      Glad to hear!
      I always hated maths, yet I seem to be good at it... hope it's ok though =)
      I've got 3 science, 1 media, 1 P.E, 1 geography, a english and an I.C.T all next week. This week is half term so we get the week off =D
    7. TR4eva
      Hey =)
      Sorry about the late reply, I've been quite busy!
      Yeah, I'm fine just got a lot of revising to do for my exams next week! =S been craming like crazy, I haven't been too good with paying attention in classes so I've been going to other classes after school... hehe, oops!
      How are you anyway?
    8. MeowMix
      Oh I'm fine. Got a break off of school, finally. However they gave us a bunch of stuff to do, maybe it isn't much of a break..
    9. pandafoxygirl
      Cool, I was thinking of buying Black or White one of these days.. That is if it's already for selling where I live :sigh:
    10. Dreamingflower
      XDDD have fun at class.
    11. greta_lover
      I really don't. I'm not that type of person who likes to talk about random things with people I'm not too close too.
    12. Dreamingflower
      fine I got vacation now yaay. but it's only 1 week well better that than nothing XD. How about you?
    13. Kayleen Russo
      Kayleen Russo
      Good night (:
    14. Kayleen Russo
    15. Kayleen Russo
      Kayleen Russo
      Thanks for the advise~ I'll try to remember to try it. (:
    16. Kayleen Russo
      Kayleen Russo
      I'd forget to do that. :p I have A.D.D
    17. Kayleen Russo
      Kayleen Russo
      Ah. I'm no good in math so I would probably fail ): Hehe
    18. Kayleen Russo
      Kayleen Russo
      Good luck on your math exam btw (:
    19. naxida
      lol iknow! the plain dragonite is soo much better.they repeated that mistake with salamence but at least that one is more bearable than dragonites shiny
    20. naxida
      yeah it is.the dragonite shiny REALLY disappointed me.i mean i was expecting a cool color pallete for it like charizards but it just didnt sit well with me at all.how did they go from a neonish purple to mossy green??
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