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  • Thank you, Advent!

    Another question then, does the shiny egg finder tab assume you're on frame 8 for the MTIVRNG? And then the 70/200 are the PID frames? If not, could you please explain why you set 70/200 for min/max frames? Thank you again.
    I have 2 go to bed early! It's part of my religion. >.>

    Eh, I suppose so. Though my methods have always seemed 2 work out pretty well. My win/loss ratio is positive! :0
    Hi Advent,

    I'm trying my first shiny egg rng, and was wondering if you could help me understand how to do it. I have a seed and PID, but I seem to be having trouble actually hitting them. Would you mind giving me some pointers?

    Hope you have a great day.
    I don't know why you didn't, either, haha.

    Yeah, it's numbingly easy. Keep it up, that Zoroark is fantastic. Awesome get.
    You shouldn't need any help; but in case you do, shoot me a VM, I should be up a little bit longer. Go get 'em.
    When was the last time you bred a shiny Pokemon? I know that v9.81 brought about the addition of the 5th Gen. shiny Egg tab (or at least I think it was 9.81, maybe sooner). It's extremely simple; just enter your prefered IVs, Everstone Nature, and your parents' IVs and bada-bing, bada-boom. As long as your parents have pretty good IVs you should find a decent seed, with a relatively low PID frame. The best thing about it all, though, is that it finds a seed with the proper inheritence based on your parents, so you don't have to search manually like you would for a non-shiny Egg. It's convenient, to say the least. Why, what's on your agenda?
    Fine fine, i'll stray from these seeds 4 a while 2 test out your perfection theory...seems legit enough...anyways im outie so PEACE.

    Oh and I never called you a bad teacher, you're juuust...well maybe i'm just not used 2 peeps telling me what not 2 do in Pokemon! Anyways, NIGHT.
    Hah, not even! Anyways, 2 LATE. I'ma be working on it. Don't worry though, she'll still do well with some cool rain support. Thnx 4 the advice!
    I already whittled my time away on a Scolipede! Looks cool btw. Anyways, aaaalright man. Guess i'll just work on the girl 1 I have. I'm kinda deadset on Ferrothorn if u've like, not noticed. :0
    I like 2 think anything in the mid 20's is good enough 4 me. IV's are only there if you'd like 2 squeeze out as much potential as you'd want from your Pokemon anyways. I just want them 2 be able 2 put up a decent fight, y'know? I don't really do competitive anymore.

    Well thanks 4 the detailed advice, sensei! >:0 Didn't realize having you as an effective tutor would be dependant on mood dips!
    Well damn, I hardly ever have the time 2 breed. I'm pretty sure RNG would make it faster, but I have no clue as 2 how it works and breeding them without having 2 time stuff and get into extreme detail makes them feel a bit more...earned. At least 4 me, that is. 'Sides, these are decent. Oh and I thought the girl would be better!
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