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  • RNG is 4 total lameoids who don't believe in themselves. What's a couple extra Ferroseeds, right?

    Anyways, about the newborns. 1's a boy, and 1's a girl.

    Boy: 26 / 25 / 26 / 1 / 21 / 0
    Girl: 21 / 25 / 24 / 24 / 31 / 0
    I know it's not. But until they release a new Hoenn based game for the DS, I'm stuck with try to make my emerald and Sapphire work for me. :/ I really want then to make a new game for the Hoenn region, I love that region.
    Sapphire just because I was already SRing for Mudkip on there, but life is giving me little time and I'd like to get along with my game. If Emerald would work better then I'll try that one though.
    Natures and the likes doesn't matter to me, I'm just after collecting a whole box full of them. You wouldn't happen to know how to find my Secret ID in Sapphire would you? I mean other than getting a shiny already. Trying my hand at RNG in my Sapphire.
    Well that's nice, I do have some shinies if you want. I tend to always find the shiny pokemon that I'd rather not have :/
    Yes, isn't it obvious? There was a hacker increase recently, so I doubt I'm doing bang up on everything. I'm working on a new art style, too.

    -Sigh- My art thread got neglected again. Maybe I should stop and tell myself it's not worth the time.
    And put you through the hardships of breeding a decent Ferroseed? How unlikely. I'm already cussing at myself 4 resorting the oh so overused Ferrothorn. :0

    Anyways, I just bred 2 better looking 1's so i'll tell the IV's 2morrow which is 2day 4 you I think!

    Relaxed of course.

    Will the HP REALLY make a difference? If it will, then i'll just keep breeding.
    Are you serious!? It's decent! I don't demand perfection, man. Maybe HP though...but what are you gonna do? Took me a good while 2 get this.
    That's what hacked Magikarp's is made for. :D Choice Scarf Magikarp with Hyper Beam, Roar of Time, V-Create, Taunt = N00b's win!
    If I were a compititive battler I would throw some item-holding Pokemon phrase...

    That Swadloon is surprised because of the Ultimate Hyper Beam.
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