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  • its OK. I probably should finish reading all of smogons guides first XD.

    I think I might have found out how to install RNG reporter on a mac too. ill see what happens
    what are they for? IIRC method j is the main one, especially for stationary legends

    I do need to finish reading the guides though
    stupid question I probably should know by now but what are the different methods for under RNG reporter? I learned 5th gen with PPRNG so for 4th gen Im going to try to learn RNGreporter
    WEll, I don't have the kind I would like to have. XD
    Yes, it has been. A lot more people around Serebii are RNGing now in 5th gen. than in 4th gen., it seems...

    Yeah. Like I said, I should never say never. :)

    Yeah, it's the "elite" players that I can't stand... I guess I just don't like how certain people treat me as inferior, even though I'm every bit as good as them. I hate never being recognized. >.>
    It may have been different if I was truly a n00b, but I actually knew my stuff and they just ignored it/belittled it...
    Haha, there I go being bitter and holding grudges again. XD

    I really don't want to go through the process of transferring 100+ pokemon, though. D=
    Also, call my crazy, but I like having access to Liberty Island.
    Well, I guess I'm in the process of getting a life.. We'll see. Sometimes I think I have one, and then it suddenly all goes away. D=
    RNGing is a major time-saver... I have nearly 100 flawless pokemon on Black and counting. Non-C-gear abuse is sooo easy, especially since I first learned to RNG with egg abuse Platinum. =)

    Yeah, save states are the main thing that makes emulators seem a lot easier... Who knows, I might end up using emulators some day. I probably should never say never, considering that I used to hate RNGing in general. XD

    To be fair, though, the main reason that I hated RNG was because the RNG Reporter program wasn't compatible with my computer, and RNGers always looked down on me and treated me like I was stupid because I couldn't physically RNG myself. ..Despite the fact that I actually knew pretty much everything there was to know about RNGing, just couldn't exploit it...
    So really, it wasn't RNGing that I hated... It was the attitude of the RNGers that I encountered.

    Wow, that was lucky for you to get it in a few hours. I just kept getting really unlucky with natures... Well, I'm glad that my quest for Thundarus is over. I accidentally triggered the event after not saving for a few hours in Black, so Tornadus is not happening. D=
    Haha, it really is funny to think how against it I was just a year or so ago... I used to argue about it on the forums all the time. xD
    I've never had a life, so that wasn't really a factor for me (hence why I use retail carts...). It's just that after I began learning to RNG, I quickly became addicted to it. I have really low self-esteem IRL, but my RNGing abilities give me confidence that few other things do.

    ..But if it functions JUST like the real games, then why is is so much easier to do on emulators and darn-near-impossible on a retail cart? XDD
    I guess that's kind of my reasoning.

    I'm not too fussed over shiny genies, so I don't really care that I can't get them very easily on my retail cart. Plus, that would be even MORE hardcore if I DID manage to RNG a shiny genie on a retail cart. =P
    But yeah, shiny genies would be near-impossible without an emulator... I didn't even bother calibrating for my Thundarus, because it kept jumping around so much with that rain. Took me 3 days just to get a regular one with the right nature. >.<
    Same here. I hope that someday females will be released like Eeve was. I was pretty happy when Eevee was available female... Then again, this means that my Espeon will probably stay in my forest forever. XD

    lol, my morality has degraded quite a bit when it comes to such things.. I used to be completely against RNGing. o.0
    Still, some of the tools that you get to use on Emulators, like save states and checking the seed/frame are pretty much hacking in my eyes... That being said, I do still own a few peoples' emulator pokemon, mainly because certain pokemon are near-impossible to get otherwise.
    But for pokemon that can be fairly easily obtained on a retail cart, I don't really see justification for using an emulator.
    But, to each his own, I suppose. ;)
    The Brotherhood will never vanish, even without a Social Group, as it's much more than just a Social Group. What are the possibilities of setting up a RNG Club? Do you think it would be worth it? I'm not as familiar with Clubs as I am Social Groups, so I wouldn't know. Long live the Brotherhood!
    Yeah, that's why I've never done C-gear. I only own a DS Lite and retail cartridges, so yeah... Most Entralink pokemon can be bred, anyway.

    That's funny, because I've never RNGed on any other than a legit cart. XD
    Emulators make things way too easy, IMO. =P
    Yeah, I know, but it's just the way I am. Hard to break a tendency that i've had all my life... =/

    Haha, I wish... I haven't done C-gear yet because I have no reason to, and I'm not crazy enough to try shiny roamers (Tornadus was annoying enough non-shiny...).
    I've done a lot of legendaries in SS today. I hadn't caught any of them yet, lol. XD
    Haha, yeah, I tend to hold grudges for a long time. Although in that case, it's mostly because that's not the only way in which I was wronged by my stupid 6th grade teacher. -.-

    That's cool. I still have no idea what my career will be, sadly... Too bad RNGing pokemon isn't a legit job, or I'd be set. D=
    Yeah... I still like my analogy. XD
    *is still bitter about her 6th grade teacher banning the entire class from field day because of an evil substitute teacher's unjustified bad report*

    Haha, I know absolutely nothing of cars.. I'm perfectly fine with my 11-year old Honda Accord. ^__^
    ...Wait, you were talking about a car, right? xDD
    Yeah, the whole banning all of them thing kind os sucks for the people who weren't doing anything wrong. Reminds me of elementary school when you get an evil substitute who leaves a bad reports, and then the whole class gets punished for something that only one or two kids did. D=
    yea I saw that announcement right after I posted.

    I dont think Ill do FRLG on second thought. I could just restart SS and get all of their legendaries and more once I move into 4th gen RNGing (and of course breed in BW). I kinda wanted to buy it since I never played RBY as a kid, but I dont think its worth the money. plus theres always roms
    Yeah, it's not that big of a deal anyway. Its not like we actually used the place much.
    If need be, I'll make a club. But Chances are I'm not going to be arsed to do that.
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