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  • I'm here! Only took 3 years, I'm beating you!
    All right, but let's go for round two! Right now, I'm here to trade a HA Chespin, after that it could be few years until my next visit :)
    Glad to hear it.

    Ahh, I see. I've been playing Pokemon Conquest, I really enjoyed it and it kept my interest. I'm away a college too, so big changes. Break starts tomorrow though, which is nice. One final exam to go!
    It's a shame, but honestly he's become quite a jerk. I can't say I'm not glad in some way that he's gone.

    Haha, thanks. And maybe 400, maybe 500 if I can get it that far. Not like I have the time anymore, though.

    I've already played a bit online, and I have to say that the metagame is at least interesting. I'll be getting it in a week, when there'll actually be copies for me to buy.
    Wanna guess who that person was? AlCario. Nojoke.

    392, and counting ;) And Shuckle (GrumpySnorlax) has 391. :O
    ya, already had my full planned team put up in 5th gen igrmt to get rated, and it did, and i got new ideas now, also, its the team in my sig
    eh, doing fine, a few months until i'm officially in high school, which is good because all my teachers at my current school are all women who are sexist jerks
    Ty. ^^

    Well, nothing's really changed much around here, still the same
    old crap, lol. I'll probably play Black, if only for the awesome
    new animations and characters. I have to, or I'm a bad mod
    Indeed I am. ^^

    I'm doing well, glad to se ya in our neck of the woods.

    Are you perhaps coming back for 5th gen?
    I suppose so. I just want the guide to give people something to build on, really.

    I really have no idea. To give them a better quality of life? Bs. xD

    No worries. Ttyl. :)
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