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  • Why thank you. Mehh, tbh, I only spent just over an hour on each part. It's big but the actual content is pretty simple and the EV part is so basic... I have to add some more examples though, so.

    Oh, right. Where are you then? Because the legal age over here's 17. And 16 for the semi-disabled. For some reason. xD
    Ahh, I see. I rated a hell of a lot for a while, but then it just became so unfulfilling... I just wrote a guide for IGRMT, and I only occasionally rate now.

    Np. Oh, that's cool. You'll be 17, I assume?
    It may well be. How long were you rating for anyway?

    Wow. Well, good luck. I'd love to drive, lol, if I could reach the damn pedals... xD. That, and I'm underage anyways.
    Really? I thought CT and all that were still around then.

    Well lucky you then. Although I kinda lol at doing work. I have a major case of cba. xD
    Yes. Yes it is. Especially since I need something to do now that IGRMT's kinda dead...

    Hey. :). I'm alright, starting some kinda lethal exams tomorrow lol. And you?
    It's just a group of members that battle and
    trade etc. A lot of us from IGRMT and P: NW
    are there. Check it out, here.
    Congrats on the streak dude. ^^

    I've just been dealing with school, I just finished up
    yesterday. I've also been writing some music and
    working on an insanely awesome art project.

    Would you like to join my clan?
    Indeed. It's in Low now, though. So all's good.

    We do other things besides tiers, ya know. D: Well, it's still a pity you can't join.
    Yeah, I've lost to bad luck more than four times, I think.
    Lol, I could see that.

    Oh right! I remeber hearing about that, that makes sense.
    Yeah, everyone loses due to bad luck at least once. Lol, did Registeel's Amnesia effect you too?

    Thanks :)

    O_O I didn't hear about that, what happened?
    Oh ok.
    That's all? SuperSteel is hard to use, though.

    Eh, it's actually probably going to be sometime next week.

    Yeah, more or less.
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