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Recent content by ArtCelJirArcRes

  1. ArtCelJirArcRes

    Ah, logging into this site makes me feel old.

    Ah, logging into this site makes me feel old.
  2. ArtCelJirArcRes

    What series are you watching?

    I've barely started watching Tokyo Ghoul. I heard it was good, so I decided to check it out. It's not that bad. (Season 1 Episode 2) Also I'm in the middle of Clannad. I haven't hit anything terribly heart-wrenching yet. (Season 1 Episode 7)
  3. ArtCelJirArcRes

    ABC Character Game

    Eridan Ampora (Homestuck)
  4. ArtCelJirArcRes

    ABC Character Game

    Erza (Fairy Tail)
  5. ArtCelJirArcRes

    Caption the Above Picture

  6. ArtCelJirArcRes

    Claim a Song Thread version 2.0

    Old claim: Somebody That I Used to Know-Gotye-06/06/2011 New Claim: Radioactive-Imagine Dragons-07/31/2014
  7. ArtCelJirArcRes

    Would you eat that?

    No. Cow tongue
  8. ArtCelJirArcRes

    Would you eat that?

    Maybe if I was starving, but otherwise naw. Fried hamster
  9. ArtCelJirArcRes

    This or That V3

    Gah! Ninja'd! Axew. Freezing to death or dying in a plane crash?
  10. ArtCelJirArcRes

    Would you eat that?

    Probably not... but you never know what's in school lunches, so I might've already eaten one... Hot Cheetos and applesauce
  11. ArtCelJirArcRes

    If you were in an arranged marriage with the above avatar...

    Sorry, I'm not homo.
  12. ArtCelJirArcRes

    Which part of the pokemon franchise do you associate yourself with

    Video games for me. That's the only thing you'll ever catch me with. :)
  13. ArtCelJirArcRes

    >^.^< The Warrior Cats Fanclub >^.^<

    Heck yes. It would be cool living in a forest or beside a lake (or something like that) and be a Warrior. :D
  14. ArtCelJirArcRes

    What is your Team's Name?

    I am very creative. I named my PMD Blue Rescue team (;026; ;157;) "Team Pokemon" and my PMD Explorers of Sky (;133; ;448;) "Team Pokemon"
  15. ArtCelJirArcRes

    What is your fav Eeveeloution?

    My favorite is Glaceon, second fave is Umbreon, third is Vaporeon.