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  • True...poor guy. Not to mention that in the past three or more months, we've only seen him pop up in roughly 5 chapters, most of them having him for only a couple of pages.
    I haven't seen that, I think I shall check.

    The manga was going good until Rasenshuriken made it's debut. I think people are just mad that Naruto can't get any breaks.
    Oh yes he has. Have you seen Novanator on DeviantART? She can really pull off some hilarious complaints, and she does so each week in her journal. It's a nice little pick me up at the end of the week.
    Ah, that's awesome. No more school until the fall. Finals go alright?

    Yup. Kishimoto certainly is pissing off a lot of people, the way the last chapter went.
    Ah, Gin Tama is alright, from what I've seen. Too bad it isn't distributed here in the US yet. Have you heard the latest Naruto news?

    So, you still in school, or are you out?
    Lawl. I usually had conversations over here, so eheheh, sorry! ^^

    I finished my exams on Monday, because of a new policy in Montgomery County that states that if one takes an AP exam for an AP course, they do a final project instead of an exam. So that was two classes down, then my triple-period internship had the final early because of the seniors leaving early, and my art class didn't have a final. So after a lot of work, an easy English final on Monday, and I was out! ^^
    wah, I expected you to drop on my page for a comment xD Didn't come so often here ^^'

    I'm doing great ! I've finished all my written exams, meaning a huge load off my shoulders :)
    Got still a few oral exams, but I'm done !
    Novel 2, I don't get a set income, so I have to save money for awhile. And even thougth my library stocks manga, it doesn't stock R.K.

    I did find a site for manga online thougth, so I should be able to read it from there. If you want, I can give the address to you.
    Actually, I'm working on two other fics at the moment, and neither of them are Pokemon fics, sadly. One is a GX alternate universe fic, the other is a fourteen chapter Naruto story. Both of them are shipping. ^^
    I really don't know either, it's not much of a club when there are only two people posting on it. We'd be better off just PM'ing.

    Yeah, I did, and that was one of the ideas I actually had in mind, I just couldn't seem to process it at the moment. Thanks for putting that down. ^^
    Yeah so I don't know if we should bother starting a new one or not. It's basically just me and you now! :p

    Btw, did you read my suggestion?
    xXPorygonXx: I like Eyeshield 21, it's got awesome characters that are developed quite nicely, and the plot is suspenseful, comedic, and enjoyable. I think it's worth a read. And yes, Rurouoni Kenshin is amazing, I love the way it's written. How far are you?

    el toro: *cries* Yep, I heard. It makes me sad...
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