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  • So when we going to get this league started? I got my team ready to go. Also will the GL be able to make up some rules for there gyms, just some small one's would be nice (like no items or single or double battle, etc...) nothing major like using uber pokemon or anything. They could all just have to be approved by you.
    also what do I do with the prizes? do I just give them to people over the Internet or do they all go to you and you do it?
    Maybe in the future. It certainly sounds interesting, but I just don't have enough fully trained Pokemon to get very far. I actually also only learned about EVs and IVs about seven or eight months ago. Thank you for the offer, though.
    Aw thanks :) you seem cool too! Blech well i gotta go clean the house now D: a friend is coming over. Ill vm you when i can trade :) thanks for the friend request!
    That is to say that I don't prefer to battle every person with pokémon. Only rarely will I accept a challenge. But yes; I'm mostly a pacifist.
    =@.@= ← Hypnocat
    There is knowledge; and there is the application of knowledge. I merely give knowledge to those who need it. I'm a teacher; not a warrior.
    I have actually never done it before. I have teamed up at the Battle Frontier with friends, but have not gone one-on-one with anyone before. I also only have two EV-trained Pokemon right now; I am trying to finish up my Pokedex first, then work on going through the facilities there.
    Yes, it would be ok. This way, I would get time for getting another Charmander, so that my another one will go to my HG. Before you ask, I only have one DS, so I trade from a game to another using the GTS. But I haven 't saw Cyndaquil in my Platinum yet, so I can 't get it in the GTS.
    Hey, I would be an inutile if I asked for a shiny by a Flamethrower Charmander. Well, if you had a Cyndaquil or Treecko, it would be perfect! If you don 't, anything would be ok.
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