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Last Activity:
Jun 12, 2013
May 23, 2011
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U.S. of A
Pokemon Trainer

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Nibelung Valesti, from U.S. of A

Artemys42 was last seen:
Jun 12, 2013
    1. Artemys42
      Items? At the moment I just need evolution stones, so probably those, I doubt you'd have the items needed for parent pokemon to pass on their moves/stats to their young ones? They're like power bracelets or something...

      I probably would take a Teddiursa if you have one, if not that, than any you deem good enough.
    2. Enpeithree
      Okay Moon Stone it is! And I have a Kangaskhan, Spheal, a very high leveled Clefairy, Remoraid, Vulpix (also high leveled), Cleffa... list goes on and on
    3. Enpeithree
      Oh thanks, but that's okay! I got someone looking for the Marill for me right now, but I'll take the Growlithe for sure! And I don't know, I've never tried it... I don't see why it wouldn't work though lol!

      So I'll put up a couple of Pokemon that you can choose from. Any in particular? Also, I know you're looking for items, are there any other items you want/need?
    4. Enpeithree
      Cool! I have a Leaf Stone, but its my only one and I was planning on using it... I have soft Sand and Spell Tag and a Moon Stone if you want any of those...
    5. Enpeithree
      Looking for a couple of Pokemon from the other generations, so like Squirtle, Chansey, Marill, and Trapinch
    6. Artemys42
      Oh, never mind, I caught one now. Wanna trade? What can you give me? Got any good items, such as a Leaf Stone?
    7. Enpeithree
      Well fighting and earning exp is important, but a lot people take time to breed their Pokemon to obtain them in a certain nature that best fits their abilities and stats.

      And cool!! Eternal Sword is pretty cool :) We're going to do a trade here soon
    8. Enpeithree
      Do you by chance have a Growlithe or Lapras or both?
    9. Enpeithree
      Thank you! :D Oh yeah you got some time before your birthday. Thank you!

      Okay, well I'm down to trade for anything whenever, just let me know! I'll trade now if you want haha xD

      Strongest Pokemon? I've heard multiple things about Volcarona being the strongest, though I think any Pokemon could be strong if raised properly. What do you think?

      Ah okay. For now then, trades and battles haha.

      Cool! :D I'm sure you'll have people posting and maybe even a few friend requests
    10. Enpeithree
      Yup yup!

      Okay, that sounds good! It will be a birthday present from you to me (since tomorrow is my birthday) lol! And okay! Do you have the national dex in your game yet? Cause I can send you over a 3rd or 4th generation Pokemon over to start filling your dex. And okay, I got a few of those too.

      Ah okay. Well idk, I'll think about it. I don't know if I'll have the time to run a clan... though it does sound fun!

      I'll be on for a good portion of the evening. Its summer vacation for me and its also early evening right now where I am, so I got a lot of free time ahead of me today lol.
    11. Enpeithree
      Okay! I'll PM you my Friend Code, though you can see it in my siggy as well. I will do the same :) I look forward to trading and battling ya in the future!

      Shiny Cyndaquil? Nice! If you start breeding it I'll take a Cyndaquil :) I have a Chikorita.

      And potentially! I'll be online a lot these next few days before I start working my summer job :)
    12. Enpeithree
      Best of luck coming up with one then! :)

      I hear ya. Its disappointing, but I've been busy up until now that I haven't been paying attention to the events xP

      Definitely! More people will join in for sure, especially once it starts to actually grow.

      It was great meeting you too :) I'll also be around if you want to trade, battle, or chat! And of course, thanks for accepting. I've been wanting to make friends on here and exchange Friend Codes, just didn't know where to start. But I'm meeting some more people now and its great!
    13. Enpeithree
      -sigh- Very well then, lol! I'm usually good with nicknames though lately I've been kinda lazy about them.

      Okay, well if you do decide to make one I'll be interested in joining. And for sure :) We can test out our teams in WiFi battles if you want. Like I said, I'm still building mine!

      No worries! I'm actually looking for a lot of Pokemon from the first and second generation to fill my dex, so virtually any Pokemon you have I'll want! :D And I love Serebii, its definitely my go to site for Pokemon info!

      How exciting! You got a name for it?
    14. Enpeithree
      Well glad to hear you got hooked like the rest of us on here :) In your case a second time haha. I'm more than happy to help ya with understanding breeding and shiny's and all that! Cool cool, best of luck to ya on that. I'll for sure be trading a lot too, already have started that. Yes, its nice to have friends and not be entirely lonely on here haha xD

      A clan? I'm down for that!! What would we base our clan on? ... What exactly is a clan on here? xD

      And idk about a shop of my own... haven't thought about it. We'll see :)

      That sounds great! :) Just let me know when. BTW, know any good nicknames for a female Archen? Lol
    15. Enpeithree
      Ah I see. I've been playing since the beginning of the Pokemon video game series so I've seen everything shift and grow haha! But you'll catch on to everything with time so long as you're active. And that sounds like a solid plan! Along with the breeding to fill my dex I'm also working on building a solid team for WiFi battles, which is kinda coming along xD Since I'm on summer vacation and I now have access to WiFi at home, I'll be very active on here. And I have a lot of games. If we look at DS alone, I have Pearl, Diamond, Platinum, Soul Silver, and White :) Are you planning to be active as well? Especially since you're thinking on opening a shop for trading.
    16. Enpeithree
      Thanks for the welcome! :) And I would be down to trade anytime. I'm currently breeding to get pre-evolution forms of Pokemon I've caught/received. So just let me know!
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  • About

    U.S. of A
    Pokemon Trainer
    Favourite Pokémon:
    Nice, easy going, friendly.

    Video games.


    HG: 0219 0329 5208
    BV2: 5329 8975 8464
    SS: Coming Soon

    My caught Shiny Pokemon Videos
    Hoothoot: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mR84M9vWsXY
    Rapidash: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XhDh0mvcoeU

    My B2 shinies (They're all up for trade, pm if you wanna trade):
    Typhlosion level 37
    Larvitar level 1 Bred
    Bellossom level 46
    Gyarados level 30
    Beautifly level 61