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Oct 26, 2019
Oct 15, 2013
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Oct 26, 2019
    1. kirkeastment
      OR it's not our (the fans') fault that the magazine outright stated the they'd start covering the games in this very issue, which extremely highly likely implies new info, but deliver nothing new. Stop blaming the fans. They could have said they might say something about the game but they chose completely different words, saying they'd start actually covering the games. This isn't that at all. It's just another tease. False advertising and a shameful practice.
      just thought i'd send you a VM instead in response to your reply to my post

      they didn't outright state anything, unless of course you have some sort of magical literal translation matrix from japanese > english?

      the magazine corocoro is in japanese, as such it has to be translated.

      Now i'm sorry if you, as a fan, were misled by a translation(by someone neither i nor you even know) that made you think you would get more than what was shown, i'm sorry that we even got this little too.

      But, people did over sensationalize what they thought they would be getting, from starters to gameplay footage to all sort of new pokemon being revealed, when all we were supposedly promosed was coverage would start, and it did, with the reveal of Magearna as a Fairy/Steel type.

      Again, i'd just say, translations are important and japanese cannot be literally translated into english, because not all of their words exist in english and vice-versa, so the words used in CoroCoro last month, may not have said the word "coverage" at all, it might have said, a reveal will occur next month, which it did.

      That all said, it's still no reason for everyone to blame corocoro when people did over hype what they were expecting, especially since we both kinda know that even if we had had the starters revealed this issue and only the starters, people still would've been pissed off lol

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