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  • anyway, if you see a plus sign under the people online list, that means i am online of course.

    want to trade now?

    send me a private message. i am not online after an hour.
    Hey again. Yeah sorry I forgot to update my list. I added Anorith, Kabuto, and Zigzagoon. I am very interested in the Qwilfish/Female/Intimidate. What do you want in return?
    Sure I'll trade for it. I have a Poliway DW(F). It's not in the Dream Ball though. I bred my DW(F) Poliwag and hatched it. Is that ok?
    Hey I am interested in your DW Spearow, naive, lv. 10 (UT). Is it female? Is it in the Dream Ball? Does it have the Sniper ability? (I want it if it's female and has the Sniper ability, and it doesn't have to be in the Dream Ball). What do you want in return?
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