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  • Hey. Hope you see this one day. Been a good six years since we last spoke, huh?
    And to think it took me seven more years to see this and reply lmao, better late than never? Kind of glad you missed me in high school, when I last posted. Hope you've been well yourself!! I wanted to snoop around this old account finally, given it was literally the first years I ever used a computer. But the more I look, the more I see your name-- thank you for being such a good friend back then. ^^)
    but oohh did this website start the beautiful era of sneaking-onto-social-media-without-my-parent's-knowledge and boy howdy was that something
    from here to deviant art to facebook to flipnote to tumblr what a nauseating trip huh ddang eeespeCIALLY FACEBOOK DONT TALK ABOUT FACEBOOK
    but i dont know sometimes i think about this website sometimes like even six years later
    like wow kudos to you for tolerating the brat i was heh
    and probably shaping me into what i am today which im pretty content with tbh and hopefully im a lot less cringe-inducing
    i mean its kind of something really like for the past hour im looking for aura217lucario but no
    arua217_lucairio ANT DEAD like this is amazing oh my god
    this is abstract art at its finest
    but to be fair i did learn a lot from serebii
    and i think i can say my first piece of digital art was a bagon/salamance splice saved in jpg
    oh the grief when such esteemed spriters were stumped by the file format lord knows i set new lows oh man
    but 6 years later i've kind of branched off to my own thing you know actual character design
    but i mean ill be 16 when october rolls around im not out of the frying-pan yet im pretty sure some of you guys still on here are like 8 years older than i emphasizing the wow in the equation here
    but im really thankful you guys babysat lil ole me when you could
    i mean if the website didnt happen to me i would've led a whole different life entirely than the one i do now so i guess i like to think the second-hand embarrassment was merely fated for the best
    lord humbles me every day as the saying goes huh
    but im going to bring this gigantic garbled ode to a close
    thank you guys a billion man
    hope you're doing well uvu7

    ((yk tbh im half expecting this to violate some rule or something and i feel that'd be the ultimate coincidence so get it while its hot yo))
    this is surreal *get ready to ramble part one of two*
    like wow im posting this because some of my friends of old are still around but
    can you believe i was like 10 years old and i had like almost 50 friends i was so obnoxious tbhh ghh
    and you know one of my most potent memories oh i remember the mods were always bitter as hell i got friggin thrashed for trying to show off my really lame pokemon pffnk
    not-so-fond memories of some edgy pokemon red roster of mine getting slammed as rubbish like six years later im still like "yo what was your damage dude" oh the humiliation did it resonate
    i mean it was rubbish but i mean like i was like 10, albeit narrow-minded oops
    probably didnt help that i neVER LOOKED AT THE FORUM RULES ooPS x2
    but like in fact i was constantly being bashed for my lame pokemon even after scouring the gts for like every event uber i could
    all that glitters is not gold huh
    well in recent news im still terrible at pokemon
    all those ubers are forever lost on a pokemon ranch file somewhere far far away did all those foreign events ever make a difference to begin with
    probably not

    tbc sparkle sparkle
    This is your random Vmessager, Devastator2000. Going onto randomized profiles and wishing everyone a happy day throught SPFF!
    ...You aren't...Online? :(
    To anyone who reads this, Aura sent me an email earlier today telling me she might not come on here again. If that is the case, she wants you to know that she says hi.
    say, i don't mean to bother...but i have a lucario lovers group...ya know...if you wanna join.... befreinded you JustInCase
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