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Recent content by Asarath365

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    Pokéwalker Research & Discussion Thread

    um i lost my pokewalker after i got the game, am i missing out on anything
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    The Irish SPPF member club v.3!

    you know crosta means cross right? and remember in irish the structure is verb+person+place
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    What games do u have?

    i got diamond but traded it in for guitar hero
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    The Irish SPPF member club v.3!

    chriost mo clúba!
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    Will you get Platinum when it comes out near you?

    Might get platinum and the DSi together
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    Couldn't Jetix have learnt from Cartoon Networks mistakes?

    i wish dp was on cartoon network again
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    The Sims Club

    Can I join?
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    The "What If?" Thread

    What if Dawn got pregnant? Her Mom would be like Who the daddy?
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    Hey Lads

    I was wondering if anyone would know of any free guitar leasons on the internet and as far I know i'm not breaking any rules
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    Bill Gates Leaves Microsoft

    One of the greatest men in tecnolegy
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    It's a God damn feel-good convention itt!

    Josh you look cool
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    Worst Pokemon in the world

    Quagsire I just hate them so much
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    What IS the meaning of life?

    Thats easy its Waz up ,everyone knows thats the meaning of life