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  • So...any reason why you have Bible verses in your signature? I don't see the reason of putting verses everywhere, that gets obnoxious very quickly.

    No offense to you or anything.
    A more reliable way to check IVs is to take the battle subway challenge. All pokemon become level 50 there, even if they were less then that level before.
    Well, you don't always have to go 31 in every offensive stat. Just choose a number that looks nice. If it helps, use a damage calculator and test out different amounts of damage done or taken compared with different IVs to set a minimum. I like this calculator, and it's in browser, so there is no download. Also, ignore unimportant stats. Let's say you're breeding a physically defensive Gliscor. While attack would be nice, it doesn't make that much of a difference in the long run, so you can ignore that. It won't be taking special hits or using special attacks, so those stats don't matter either. Speed EVs won't outrun anything notable, since most sweepers are faster and most walls are much slower. So, you'd only actually need 20+HP and 20+Def IVs, with a +def nature. Better IVs all around call more attention in the trading community, but if you're breeding a pokemon yourself you can set lower limits.

    Pokemon will breed faster if they have different OTs. The eggs don't hatch any quicker, but they are lain quicker. It's also quicker to use two pokemon of the same species if there isn't any egg moves. And of course, there is always Flame Body and Magma Armor. These abilities are very useful for eggs, as they incubate them, and make them hatch in half time.

    Breeding still takes a while, and a lot of patience, even if you take short cuts like I did. If you do want to breed, it's probably best to listen to music.
    I'm pretty good at IV breeding. I can't take advantage of the RNG, but I understand everything else.
    Sweet, what time would you be available? I won't be on until probably 8 tonight due to travel plans, but we can work something out. Also, I'd love for you to help me out with my trade evolutions too if that's possible (if you have a spare Shelmet around so I can evolve my Karrablast, that would be lovely)
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