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Ascended Dialga

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  • I have to stay away from a friend's forum right now cuz i need a break to collect my thoughts about her so i don't trigger her.

    Its Melanie from my forum i'm talking about. I just want her to be okay, and me to not feel like i'm not being fully myself around her, till i get used to some things about her more in my head.
    Thanks for explaining.

    I agree with you. And what was the point of him getting all that development and treatment, if he was just going to get written out.
    If i learn to like the things i've really liked more confidently it might help korrina stay special to me. :)

    She's kind of like my teddy bear. I'm sure i can always go back and hug her in my head when i feel i need to.

    Its good i want to like other things, i think.

    But i shouldn't force change all at once.

    And i'm still an insecure aspie in several ways.

    I'm getting there, though. I wanna be strong.....like lovely korrina is :)
    Shame on all of the people from kh13 and starmen.net. I admit, i don't hate the mother series as much as kingdom hearts. But i think the people from starmen.net effected me a lot negatively as well as those from kh13 :/

    Change is hard. Even though things are better for me now, i also feel attached to the one i've fell in love with :)
    Most people do seem to like cute pokemon a lot. I may of grew up a girly girl, but theres really no point in my living in fear of myself anymore. Girly things are wonderful, and no matter what anyone says, i should just feel good about liking them =)

    Thanks :)

    I've read hello kitty was used to spread kindness in england too.

    If girly things really are 'bad' to like, i doubt they'd be used to host kindness festivals :/ Gotta have faith in something like that :)
    Hiiii dialga :3

    I may try to get more into things other than korrina gradually. I'm sure at this point she'll always mean something to me.

    I just don't want to accidently say something troubling to melanie. She did tell me stuff like sexual talk still scares her a bit. Even if she might not be as triggered by it as she used to be, it may be nice to get into talking other stuff with her.

    Plus, i think i'm a lot more confident that liking girly things is okay now :) I mostly just needed to lean on korrina all the time when i was getting over my fears. I can still enjoy her now and then, but its okay to embrace other stuff now too^^
    Yes =) Its nice to find friends i don't just have pokemon in common with xD

    Its so hard to find more people who are girly like me online.

    I've heard they are out there, though. As long as they aren't being hurtful to others, i guess its okay if i don't meet a lot of them...
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