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  • I Apologize for not responding :( get lots of Messages so Sometimes I can MISS them. My Interests are: Movies, Pokemon, Animals, and Swimming. :) Yours sound GREAT! :)
    Hey! :3 I'm back, but only for half an hour cuz i have a show soon. Wanna fangirl and fanboy over our crushes? XD
    Alright. :3 Thanks.

    I am female. xD Its neat how we're both bi too. And get into crushes a lot.

    Anyways. talk to ya later! :3
    Oh, your gender is undisclosed XD So i duno if i was right haha i just assumed you were male though. i guess your name seems like more one a boy would use than a girl?
    Ino's cute XD Long blonde ponytail like korrina has^^ xD

    Yeah, you like a lot of characters :3 a true fan boy if i've seen one XD (i think i read in your profile you're male. right?)

    I have to go soon. My mom needs to set the dinner time for my brother. Talking to you is fun :D
    Just Korrina :3 I....have a hard time focusing on more than one. Though i do have lots of attractions (they're usually on females nowadays, lol. but i still like males too and i might still see me with a boyfriend one day XD likely a girlier guy. haha)

    I have to leave soon my mom is gonna need the computer in about 15 minutes.
    Her hand is hot i wanna kiss it XD That keystone looks so powerful, too....(who needs a GUY to protect you when theres a GIRL like KORRINA who has like uber amounts of power? :p RIGHT ON HER GLOVE?? seriously mega evolution changes everything haha)
    And she's defenetly a character that deserves popularity <3 her personality, her design, her arc. they're all amazing.
    She's a hottie X3 Most of my crushes in the past were male XD It feels really interesting to have it so bad for a girl now. haha. her cheeriness makes me smile too^^

    Its a beautiful pokemon too :3 I like girly looking pokemon, and it has ribbons on its body, so it appeals to me a lot too ^_^
    So. Did you know that suicune won a pokkin showdown on disney XD? :3 I felt you'd like to hear that.

    Also, every so often, you'll likely suspectable to my fangirling XD Over my current pokemon character crush. Which is *point's to my avatar* Korrina. I have fun fangirling over her tehe.
    I love your suicune avee!!! :3 I read in your profile you like making new friends, as well, so i'd like to be your friend, too ^_^
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