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  • Thank god that this guy is gone. He's not missed, I can tell all of you that. Ash-kid ruined this place and caused several good users to leave this forum because they could not stand every interesting anime thread being cluttering down with his pathethic posts (me included). Seriously, he averaged 10 posts per day and he only posted to increase his postcount and thus the length of his e-penis. He never posted anything substantial and his posts could easily be mistaken for those belonging to a spambot. Going to a new title thread of a new episode, seeing that 50% of the thread's total posts belonged to this guy just wasn't fun. Good riddance.
    Haha, it's mainly just that I was browsing though and saw the Doryuuzu pic for EP9 and translated it and then felt like i had to defend it because I knew people would try and disagree.
    Umm, I don't have to game just yet. I was just on 2ch looking for new info and posting it here, so I don't know what's in the 4th gym yet if it hasn't been posted yet, sorry.
    Hmm yes I still follow it.
    Though I haven't watch the newer episodes, I do read the synopsis on wikia xD
    I made it so that the stuff on my account is friends only so that means you wont be able to snoop around my account, you rudeness!
    Can you please stop being so rude? I wasn't even mad at you! I just wanted a simple answer to a simple question!
    I doubt you told MasterPika that my fanfiction from February 2009 sucked, but can you have the decency to have at least replied to my PM? I wasn't mad at you if you didn't say that about my fanfiction.
    Dude why do you change your on birthday? I remember it was January 3rd you were supposed to turn 20 now its October 17th whats up with that?!
    Stop with that annoying commentary when a new episode is airing in Japan. Postcounts aren't important in life. Serebii even said to stop, but you were apparently did not see that. It is also very annoying. Having a high postcount this early in your time on SPPf wont earn you respect, since most people know that most of your posts are annoying.
    Hey Ash-kid, we don't really speak a lot but I've seen you around the Animé section and you know where to find things. So, do you know where I can find the images of Heracross v Darkrai that's been confirmed?
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