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  • It's been about four years, hasn't it? I have no idea if you even remember me, but here I am. I hope you've been doing well.
    Hey, saw your post on the Amourshipping thread and I totally agree! I'm glad it was actually made canon with the kiss and if the calendar leaks are to be believed, Serena will turn up in Alola.
    Of cause! Thats something beyond anything else I want to do, I love seeing different parts of the world :)... and yeah, I'm still here thank you, they are prepared if a tornado does hit, apparently siren thing goes off when it's in your area, but we got lucky! and hmm, good question, well I like warm weather, but I also like snow (at first aha) once everyone has trodden on it, it's not a pretty aha, but you know ^_^ what weather do you like ??

    Responce to your P.S - no problemo ;) Thats happened to me many times!
    Awesome, same here same here :D traveling is great, the down side is the saving up aha!... yeah it was fun thanks, we did experience a lot of storm though this time around, the worst was the hail storm, and we almost had a tornado hit us >.< but it was fun :p you could say it was 'cooling'
    ooo oo where else would you like to go before canada ?? :D and not that I'm aware of no (maybe I just haven't come across them) XD if anything, they have giant cartons of milk aha
    No it's fine don't worry about it :) and I went to canada, plus I'm am also good thanks aha, just finished my last day or work a couple of days ago, so now it's just relaxing really
    Heya! long time no talk, I'm sorry I haven't been talking! I've just come back from a holiday. How've you been ??
    We'll just have to see, tomorrows the day!! :D hmmm, they could be, I mean they've added scenes that people didn't expect and all so it's not like they haven't been surprising us throughout the series :p

    Pikachu acted like Cilan?! Wow I must of missed that, do you remember how he acted like him ?? Pikachu is like a pikachu version of a ditto!... phaha, I just imagined it. wearing the same outfit, and changes it's face to have long eyes lashes and a higher pika voice xD I don't know, it's funny in my head for some reason
    Yep yep! Hopefully :D... Yeahh, I'm not sure he'll go after her, because it seems his talking to himself while his laying on the ground looking shocked. My guess is, if she does throw a snowball at him because he says something to hurt her, it'd be nice, near the end of the episode, to see him apologies for his sharp tune or something. I really want to see a hug then an apology, but that might be kinda stretching it. I don't know, how do you think it'll go ??... I think I said I'm a bit dense already xD yeah, espually when he gets those cat eyes when his excited or something xP

    Oh I never thought of it that way, I guess when your around people a lot, you tend to pick up some of their traits as well! *scratches head* I don't think I've seen that episode properly. I remember it coming out, but I think I forgot to watch it >.<
    Fingers crossed things turn out okay, and he can prove to sawyer. It'll happen!... Speaking of Serena cheering Satoshi up, people are speculating (from the second preview) that serena throws a snowball at Satoshi's face people he might of said something too her to make her angry or upset. You do see him lying on the ground with snow on his face :S... I won't lie, I can be kinda silly sometimes, well more clumsy I guess >.< Yato is an awesome cat god, his definitely my favorite character and is voiced by one of my favorite voice actors!

    I think they knocked that topic out of the series a long time ago! I mean, the same goes for pikachu when Satoshi acts dense, he always sighs or says his name in a way like his saying "open your eyes Pikapi!" The only similarity his pokemon have with Satoshi, is love for food xD... yeah it's a shame, but Satoshi-Graninja is still good :)
    Good thanks :p and I thought I replied late for some reason aha!

    I'm excited as well, I have a feeling, when they next battle satoshi is going to be really serious about this battle, I'm sure he'd want to still prove himself, but he won't act all over confident like in his last gym match. I'm really curious with how that scene with serena and satoshi in the woods is going to go, I know he will most likely ask her to leave, but will she try and talk to him or will she let him be? Satoshi needs to know how much she cares!... hmm, it's been awhile since I've seen Noragami, so I can't be 100% sure of is she's relatable or not. I think personality wise, from what I remember, I'll say yeah :)

    Oshawott is another Brock ?? oh yeah, considering they both fall in love easily aha!... you know, now you say that, I remember that being the main topic when Alan was introduced, that Satoshi's charizard will return and it will be a mega Charizard X and Y battle between them!
    Heya!! I'm sorry again >.< KissAnime stopped working for a while ago too, it should be working again though.

    I'm kinda mind blown about todays episode, or pictures form it aha! I still need to watch it, but damn, poor satoshi, things are getting so sad! Looks like serena's will be setting off on her own to look for him though, I wonder how that'll turn out!.. Yep I have brown hair aha, it's pretty much exactly the same colour as hiyori's, only maybe a little lighter. haha, Well you know you look exactly like him when you had bed hair then :p

    Oh nice :D Oshawott was very funny!! I never really thought about my favorite pokemon of his :s thinking back, I'll probably say Charizard
    Yeah, I'm good thanks :p I had a really strange feeling awhile ago, where my head felt really light. It was very wired aha, but hey you off cause wanted to know that aha. how've you been ??

    Neither would I >.< speaking of Serena marrying him though, I've always hoped that Pokemon would do a time skip and have the story about satoshi's child on a journey!.. Hiyori has Brown hair :) and that makes sense, if your hair looked like Satoshi's when it's dry, you must of been using a lot of hair jell!
    Well, I've had people tell me I can be dense at times, so that's how I know xD

    Ohh! sorry I got the wrong idea.. aha, fair enough :p
    Thats a really cool name! Well he usually gets all of the starters (apart from the XY series) so if they go back to the original kind of catch, I think he'll get the starters :) (if that made any sense)
    Hey! Sorry for getting back late!

    Yes, in a way she gives good tips, if you see someone you like but aren't confident enough to make a move, offer them some water from the same bottle you drank from. Ahah! awesome :D I'm not sure who I look like from the Pokemon anime :s if I had to chose a character though, I'd say Iki Hiyori from Noragami, only minus the fringe and I have brown eyes not pink xD
    I don't know you personally so I can't tell if your dense or not aha! I wont lie though, sometimes I can be kinda dense >.<

    Off cause, who doesn't cry on sad films ;_;.. you cut yourself, why do you do that ?? sorry thats a bit of a personal question, you don't have to answer if you don't want to.
    Yep yep! I like the owl (I forgot their names) and the war type :p and YES HAWAII!! I can't wait!! people are saying if satoshi goes to the next region, they want him to have a fire type and have it not listen to him or something. I think it'd be interesting, but then his had problems with his fire types before!
    Yeahhh, only by 2 months though

    I'm think a lot of people are still chocked by it xP and wow you do ?? ohhh, out of any anime you know, witch character do you look the most like, or is Satoshi that character ?? Yeah, I had a year of not knowing what I wanted to do, and sometimes I still think about it even though I have a small goal. I think I'm mostly like Satoshi (in personality) although I'm not as brave and gutsy as him!

    hehe, I love swimming >.< I would I guess, I'll have to be given the opportunity to know for sure if I would, but we don't have a beach near where I live. Ahh, fair enough, if it helps, I cried a bit on a rollercoaster not to long back aha! it was literally vertical. Scared the hell out of me!
    He's 20, and I honestly don't know, sadly I'm not really that knowledgeable when it comes to the Xbox or Play Stations to be honest, mostly because I haven't used one properly for ages! it's mostly the pc, but the game I really want to play is the new Ratchet and Clank game!

    Haha! it's a good scene alright :p and my favorite is Satoshi, but then my favorite character always tends to be the main character for some reason >.< Serena is my favorite female character though, like you said, she's relatable!
    Hang on, so Satoshi wins, but looses. By that do you mean, he defeats him using Ash-Graninja, but then faints soon after. Actually I could see that happening, maybe.

    It was pretty laid back but scattered aha, on the weekend I went out with a couple of friends, the next day I went out with the family, and I'm hoping (it all depends if she's still able to make it) that I will be heading to Thorpe Park on the 12th. they are busy with work and uni, so it's been pretty spread out.
    No, I play mostly on the PC, my brothers the one with the xbox games etc.. I want to save up for one, he has games that I really want to play >.< Origin is mostly for PC games, I get the sims games from there :p

    Yeah, thats the down side :(

    oh yeah they did!! I also remember Serena's face while he was drinking from it. proud cheeky girl. She knew what she was doing!.. yeah it can't be healthy fainting so many times :s I honestly don't know how the battle will turn out, at the end of the preview both Sawyer and satoshi look pretty worried for some reason. But I'm not sure what it could be about :S I have a feeling Satoshi might come close to fainting, maybe. What do you think ??

    Yeah, you get used to it obviously :p
    ohhh, sorry, yeah. Steam is mostly where I get my games, and origin :)

    Exactly my thoughts! ahh, I released an OVA (a short one) I guess that gives it a chance for a season 2, but then, OVA's don't always mean they'll make a season 2. It's a waiting game aha!

    I don't think the producers will go as far as a kiss on the lips, the internet will explode if that actually happens! well, it'll still explode if it was just a kiss on the cheek >.< Damn it that battle! and those new episode descriptions for eps 29 and 30! people are saying it's satoshi who will leave Grininja. What are your thoughts ??

    Haha! It feels wired being 19, I keep telling people I'm 18 still by mistake xD
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