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Dec 26, 2016
Jun 14, 2012
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Lumiose City
Pokemon Trainer, Student

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Pika-Speed, from Lumiose City

Ash&Pikachu-Fan was last seen:
Dec 26, 2016
    1. PokeHero96
      Phaha! It was my phone, that only shows that this topic has dragged out a little bit :P ah well aha!.. Yes, but it was a very hot drink and I have butter fingers aha! thats all I can say for that aha!

      Yeah! They need to become cannon already aha!.. I agree, Bonnie's design is already good enough, although, maybe if she changed into that jacket dress thing she had on in the movie every so often, that'd be cool :P I defiantly wouldn't mind seeing Ash wearing something different, and maybe have them change up the colours a bit to, so it's not always red, blue yellow etc.. you know ??

      I watch quite a lot, I like the ones that have a good story line to them, action, and comedy ^^ so like, Attack on Titan, Naruto, Tokyo Ghoul, Free! Iwatobi Swim Club, Your Lie in April, Hunter x Hunter, and more... aha! I won't list all xD! What about you ???
    2. PokeHero96

      Oh yeah, of cause it will be better, it's just getting the money to pay for it. But we never did fix it, we had to wait for ages so we decided to go another time, oh well, it's a waiting game thats for sure aha!... well it only spilt on my hand and the floor, but yeah I did drop it, hence why I said it was a broken mess :P

      Yeah! I really like her knew design! it suits her :) I kind of wish they changed everyones outfits once in awhile like other anime's, but I guess with long series like pokemon they don't do that, ah well
    3. Moonlight Amaryllis
      Moonlight Amaryllis
      Well, Pokemon has lasted this long without any signs of stopping, so whose to say that such things will change that?

      :P No, not really. I pretty much stick with Mewthree MegaY!Mewtwo because reasons.
    4. Moonlight Amaryllis
      Moonlight Amaryllis
      People will eat up anything, so maybe it wouldn't matter what direction it went, anyway. Well, such a structural change would make feel like a more linear anime, but then again, dramatic changes are unlikely.

      Lol that's not what I was saying at all. but if that's what you want me to believe...
    5. Moonlight Amaryllis
      Moonlight Amaryllis
      Then I guess the marketing argument makes more sense--people like romance, more people will tune in, more people will buy merchandise/boxsets, more money. Let's hope it evolves beyond that, though.

      She left the forums...I miss her. Lol you're fine, don't sell yourself short XD.
    6. Moonlight Amaryllis
      Moonlight Amaryllis
      That's true, so maybe there's an unexpected element that causes appeal. It's an interesting plot device, but...It's kind of sad that literally any question you'd have about Serena's past with Ash is answered relatively early, so that kind of kills the suspense. She already has his attention, I mean, they're friends, but...She's either going to confess, and Ash will react, or it's just going to meander around and go nowhere for the series' entire run. It has a bigger impact when it's main characters, so maybe this kind of plotline can have a positive impact on the series as a whole. I actually thought Ash and Serena would be siblings or something, whoops, so...

      Same, honestly.

    7. Moonlight Amaryllis
      Moonlight Amaryllis
      It's new, so I'm crossing my fingers that it will mean something in the series, but so far, it just feels...empty? I don't know, it doesn't feel right in this series yet. For now, a side plot, but will it reach the forefront in a meaningful way for both the audience and the characters? If Serena's character isn't benefiting from this factor of her personality, then who will? Well, I didn't mean DIRECTLY--this show has tackled romance before, just not with main characters (usually one-offs), so maybe they could make a statement/message for children about romance and friendship using Ash as a scapegoat of sorts.

      The art is often very gorgeous, too~. Same, don't worry about it.

      Ninja? She's doing okay, drawing a lot, and doing school. I don't know why she doesn't come on here anymore, though. she's too cool for us
    8. Moonlight Amaryllis
      Moonlight Amaryllis
      I'm all for positive change, especially in the writing (the Unova League's writing was AWFUL), but I fail to see how thrusting thus kind of unfitting situation into the canon warrants as a good kind of change. The only reason it would make sense in a storytelling point would be if they actually planned to do something with it--like, maybe have Serena develop into a stronger person after getting over him, or for Ash to teach the audience that romance and friendship are equally important, but I doubt it...

      After a big break, you have to read like, five volumes at once though. Bleh. I do, funnily enough, but my pace is slower now, because of school and stuff. I'm not sure if I can try to pull of another chaptered fic again, not until I have more time on my hands and skill to utilize.
    9. PokeHero96
      Well, depends on what you watch if it's boring or not, it's not that boring overall though aha! :P

      ah no, we're hopefully getting it fixed today, if they will, other wise we're gunner have to pay for a replacement, witch sucks >.< phaha! the same thing happened to me, except I tripped while holding a hot drink, kinda ended up in a broken mess aha!
    10. Moonlight Amaryllis
      Moonlight Amaryllis
      From a storytelling perspective, there isn't any plausible reason, given the nature of the Pokemon anime. I'm not sure if it’s because of marketing (which doesn't really make sense to me), or because some new writer(s) are deciding to take the show into a different direction by ending Ash's journey here (which I doubt they could do without someone putting their foot down).

      Yeah, OHSHC tripped a lot during it's writing perspective, especially with it's ending. I don't read a whole lot of manga--going to the bookstore can be a pain, buying requires money, and online sources hurt my eyes and are often copyrighted away midway through, anyway. I do read/buy Black Butler consistantly as each book comes out except not really because i think i'm behind right now, and I read the When They Cry manga at the bookstores when I get the chance.
    11. Moonlight Amaryllis
      Moonlight Amaryllis
      I just don't understand why the writers felt the need to give Serena a crush at all. It sacrificed certain characteristics of her that we glimpsed at during the pilot. Seeing that this is a children's show that has ALWAYS had friendship at the forefront, Serena's crush is most likely going to go nowhere, so why did they feel the need to do that?

      Fullmetal Alchemist was okay, because the writing suffered from diverging from the manga. OHSHC did the same, but it recovered better (probably because it was shorter).
    12. Moonlight Amaryllis
      Moonlight Amaryllis

      It makes or breaks XY, honestly--of you love it, XY is great, but if you don't like it, it's just really grating when you sit down to watch five minutes. It's weird, because Pokemon focuses A LOT on friendship, and forcing a romance subplot just doesn't make sense to me. Serena can just be his friend, right?

      Yeah, I finished Ouran High School Host Club and Fullmetal Alchemist (2003) recently.
    13. PokeHero96
      Hey what's up ?? Are you still feeling bored from what you mention in the message I have yet to respond to sorry about that *scratches head* I haven't been in a while!

      Oh man, don't tell me your phone is also broken ?? well if you are clumsy, then yeah, we are alike aha! (the most clumsiest thing I can do is probably trip over my own feet xD! I should be grate full I don't fall on the floor afterwards haha! how are you clumsy ??) kinda a wired question when I think about it >.<
    14. Moonlight Amaryllis
      Moonlight Amaryllis
      Don't worry, I'm the same way. Just be careful :P

      Eh, I've only watched the first nine episodes so far, and just seen an assortment of information via Tumblr, so I don't know if my opinion means anything...But personally, I find it very forced and unnecessary.
    15. Moonlight Amaryllis
      Moonlight Amaryllis
      I'm sorry to hear about your technology, but I'm glad to hear that everything's okay now. I'm okay, how have you been?
    16. Moonlight Amaryllis
      Moonlight Amaryllis
      Wow, it has been a while, huh? Nice to hear from you again.
    17. PokeHero96
      hey whats up! :D It's been a long time! I've been good thanks, how have you been ??

      (don't worry about it ^^ I'm having similar problems right now with my phone, it kind of, sort of, maybe have slipped out of my pocket when I opened the toilet lid and fell in... O.o my fault really aha)
    18. MegaMaster#1
      Im awesome dud ^_^,how about you?
    19. PrincessSerena6103
      Your welcome :) i am fine what about you?
    20. PrincessSerena6103
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