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  • Pokemon sun&moon is on steam ??? I didn't know that aha! Hehe, those games a good as well :p I like the Japanese pixel games, the characters are anime when the dialog it being played (if thats what you mean) and some are based on anime, kinda like corps party, I prefer the game to the anime though. I actually didn't even finish watching the anime, bit to freaky for my taste, I got more into the game aha!

    NOPE!! thats another one! It's kind of like with Hai to Gensou no Grimgar. Thats based off of a light novel, and they animated the first and second volume (I think) and I'm hoping that they make a season 2 to finish it, if not, it'll be as you described aha!

    *high five* aha!... ohhhh, I'd give anything to see that happen xD come on Serena. Up your game. Kiss the guy you love!! make an excuse that you where worried when actually you just wanted a chance to kiss him!... plus Ash vs Diantha hype today :p

    oh yeah! and thank you so much for the birthday wish!! :D
    Oh cool!! :D I honestly haven't played a lot of the Pokemon games, only the X and Y ones. But right now I play a lot of PC games, like the tell tail ones, Firewatch and Undertail. I love the games where the story changes compared to your decision :p

    Thats true! random question, out of any series you have watched, whats the worst and best ending you've come across ??

    You know what'll be good, if Serena comes home with satoshi and his mum remembers her from the camp (if she ever saw her) and maybe start teasing, or noticing his behavior around her or hers around him. I just want to see his mum get involved aha!... hoo, I wonder if we will get a kiss from her ?? I'm curious, how do you think she will give him a kiss on the cheek in the upcoming movie if its ever shown ??
    Haha same!! I watch of lot of people voice acting on youtube :p ahh, fair enough :) what games do you like playing in general ??

    Okay ^_^ Yeah, I'll admit thats true, in most cases I'm pretty speechless staring at the screen before I'm like "YOU CAN'T END IT LKE THAT!" But it's up to you :) Thats true, I'm glad when people put that they have spoilers in their reviews, but others don't huh ??.. no no no, cliffhanger endings, and anding with still a lot of unanswered questions are the worst!.. Well the manga of Btoom is still on going if I'm correct, so I'm planning to read that to know what happens >_<

    I'm sure it's happened to everyone! HOHOOO, the internet will explode if his the one to accept her feelings/shows feeling towards her. I mean it's kinda already happening (kinda) with, like you said, he talking more softly towards her, and also giving her gifts and GAHH! it's needs to become cannon. they've hyped it up so much, they can't not.
    I'll say mideoca, I'm not the best, but I'm not the worst I guess, I'll leave it as that ^_^ and thank you!! :D oh wow, thats awesome!! What genre of game would you like to work on ??

    Oh, well you hopefully shouldn't have a problem with Charlotte then! :D aha, breathings good yeah x) ahh, thats fair enough if you don't watch Guilty Crown, I know some people like good starts to good endings. I wasn't really prepared for the ending myself, kinda like Btoom! it was a great show, but the ending was annoying (lessons on why you should read reviews to know if its good or bad aha) I mean you can't end a anime unfinished! especially when you leave a message saying "season 2?" at the end and never make one >.<

    Ohh! I should of known that xD my thoughts are you thoughts, I would love to see them two get together! they are destined aha! I mean that satoshi being sick episode was a huge boost for Amourshipping! I'm kinda mixed thoughts on how they will have these two part ways though, or if they'll give them traveling together. Everybody is saying different things. It could really go either way, what do you think ??
    Haha! *scratches head* yeah, I still like voice acting, but it's probably just a random hobby now >.< whoaa, I mean I'd love to swim in the Olympics, but I don't think I'll get that far aha (I mean I'll try my best to and all) but for now it's just aiming for galas and small races to build up from there :p hehe, that makes me happy to hear xD And you'll find something! It's a good start that you have a few things in mind, is it okay to ask what they are ??

    Yes, I am happy ^_^ yay! his powers are what make this series intense! just don't be put of by the slow start though :p Guilty Crown, how do I put it... well for starters it's freaking intense!! You can't really have a breather because one thing after another happens, but it keeps you interested, thats what I like about it :D the only let down, to me, was the ending, it was a bit eh. But don't let that put you off, it one bad ending against a great series! the main plot is about a boy gained shu, who can pull out peoples voids (their hearts) and used them as weapons, I now it doesn't sound to interesting, but trust me, your in a crazy journey with this anime, there is so much more to it than you'd expect.

    umm, what is VM ?? *scratches head* aha
    Yep yep, I think it comes out Fall 2016, so we have a while, but time goes by fast these days. So in a way, it won't be long until we see the awaited match :D which, as you say, was a horrible place to end a series! Well, actually I know it sounds wired, but Free is what got me back into swimming, I used to swim when I was younger but stopped for some reason. For ages, I wanted to be a voice actress, but in my second year of collage acting corse, I kinda hit a brick wall with the acting. And I had a whole year I not knowing what I wanted to do for the future (witch panicked me because I like having a goal) I was watching some anime and ended up watching Free! witch reminded me of when I used to swim, and yeah, aha! now I'm aiming to swim competitively >.< sorry for the long random story xD

    Haha, okay, I'll try not to :) He did! but hey, now his a super human good main character :p funny you ask that, I've actually been going through the season anime on my spare time picking out random series that seem interesting to me. and Started watching a few. The most resent ones I've watched is Charlotte, and right now I'm watching Guilty Crown, witch I recommend both of them!! ^_^ with Charlotte, the first 5 episodes are kinda slow (mostly because they are introducing the characters and their pasts. but after that IT'S AMAZINGGGG!! so if you do watch it, hold out until after 5 eps :) (sorry the messages are getting long again)
    whoaaaaa, I forgot about the movies and specials!! are they not out yet ?? I know season 3 is coming soon,, Don't worry I'm the same with remembering things >.< I haven't been doing a lot, mostly just work and swimming, I'm currently aiming to try and find a full time job so I can save up for this course I would love to go on. And you ?? :D

    *scratches head* heh.. I know it's bad, but I kinda get impatient when it comes to wanting to know what happens next in a series. so I kind of look some things up. It's pretty much my fault if I spoil a series for myself, but for some reason I still get really into it, even though I know whats going to happen. It's probably because I'm finally actually watching it,,, You've seen it too ?? ITS SO GOOOOOOOD at the moment!! I was hoping it wouldn't be one of those, the main character is half said monster half human, but ehh, it's proven itself to be a great series so far, so it's good. I'll definitely give the one your watching a go to :D
    Thats good to hear :D I'm glad you like it, it really gets you sitting on the edge of your seat sometimes aha!.. I think so to, but I do like long convocations :p I am good as well ^_^

    NOOO, but I've seen scenes on Tumblr and its on my list to watch!! What is it about again, I know the main character wants to be a hero ??
    and I've been watching Koutetsujou no Kabaneri at the moment, that why I haven't gotten round to it yet.
    Heya!! I'm sorry I haven't gotten back in a while! I noticed that you said you watched Haikyuu!! :D I'm glad you liked it, and that I sent a long list aha! I would say continue on from our last message, but it was from a while ago, I don't know if it'll be confusing *scratches head* Hope your doing fine :)
    Honestly I'm pretty much the same, action, adventure, survival, comedy, thats all great. but horror..... nope aha!

    Oh wow, really ?? Flying shoes is news to me aha!.. and it's pretty much on and off strangely, sometimes words come to me and I write, other times I'm trying to think, but everything I think of make the series sound like it not worth watching, if that makes sense ?? haha, I'm glad I can humor people and that you trust me xP
    Hehe *scratches head* sorry for the list >.<

    oh cool, when you say they'll be making movie/films, what do you mean by that ?? probably stupid question, but do you mean like making anime movies based of actual movies ??.. KissAnime is amazing :D apart from the several times it's shut down and videos have stopped working aha! I also watch anime on MoeTube, and rawranime.tv (they don't have adds, plus it's nice HD footage aha)
    ahhh, fair enough. I'm pretty curious, may watch it just to see! *high five for the worst explanations* although yours wasn't bad either :)

    I like Tell Tail Games like the Walking Dead (kinda love zombie things) and The Wolf Among Us. Plus some other random games like Sims, Life is Strange, FireWatch, Last of Us, Beyond two Soles, stuff like that :) either survival games, or games with a good story line aha! what about you, other thank Pokemon :p... I definitely want, pretty much both of those things to happen! Satoshi needs to notice her feelings, it's so clear how much Serena likes him and the writers have pretty much confirmed that. If they leave it with him not knowing/doing anything in return, I won't like it'd be a let down ;_; what do you think ??
    Thats understandable :) it's not always nice to watch sad things. Do you prefer the comedy genre then ??

    Huh, sound unique, I'll look it up,, and talking about made up sports (this is really random) but what if people decided to make the made up sport an actual sport! *ahem* anyway, thats good that you don't mind, because Free is really funny! :D honestly I'm no good at explaining series without making it sound really bad, so I'll let you decide if you want to trust me or not haha. And I don't remember a lot about Inazuma Eleven. But I'll admit, at first it starts of with 'oh lets keep hurting the main character(s)' but once you fully get into the story (it seems the writers get into the whole story line so much better) of Endou finding his Grandpa while playing football, it turns into a really touching story and you'll be gripped!! ^_^ plus it too, has a lot of humor :p
    Good calls!! :D let me know what you think of them :3

    Oh wow really ?? that'd be interesting! seeing nintendo characters speak Japanese and all haha!.. oh! I saw the animal crossing movie on KissAnime, I had mixed feelings if I should of watched it or not :S

    Honestly, I think it's because I haven't really had a lot of experience with the games themselves (I've only played the x and y games) but I don't know, I'll have to look into it :) what about you, I bet your pretty excited ?? ;)
    haha, hopefully it's soon I watch ti then! :D and htgng is really good!! I mean, some people complain that it's slow paste (witch I guess it kinda is) but it's an anime showing the daily lives of this group trying to survive in this world. It's very realistic when it comes to the stories and the characters, witch is what I like about the story, but it does throw some deep stuff at you. so if you watch it, bring tissues again aha! I think you should continue :)

    Oh thats a sports anime ?? The sports anime's I've watch so far are, Inazuma Eleven (football) free! (swimming) and Haikyuu!! (volleyball) I would recommend free! but it has a lot of man service, because you know.. its about guys swimming aha! but if you get past that it's soooooooooooooooooooo good xD and I've known guys who like it. If not then Inazuma Eleven all the way!
    I'm glad your taking up my requests ^_^ let me know what you think of them! what do you think you'll watch first out of them ??

    I've seen clips of One Piece because my brother watches it, but I haven't seen any episodes properly. ooo, I besides form Pokemon,, I don't think I have :S naruto is a game right ?? although I think the game is based off of the anime, not the other way around haha! and don't worry, I enjoy long convocations :D
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