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    If anyone is wondering what I've been up, it's just that I've been a bit busy recently. I'll probably update my profile at some point and start to get a bit more frequent on here again in a couple of months! :)
    I know haha xD it's just gone 3:16 I have to admit I'm getting sleepy to xD! zZ
    I'm just looking at Baulbapidia, oh! Have you seen the Ash and Serena Shipping page yet ??

    Haha! Oh I never thought of that! Cool
    Yeahh, it's a waiting game for sure haha! I wonder if Serena is ever going to get shocked by Pikachu ??
    Haha! So you think Serena is the one Ash will marry ??
    I know Pikachu liked Misty a lot, with the others Pikachu just acted normal, oh man now I want to know how Pikachu is around Serena.

    Cool Cool, and yeah, you can always trust technology right ?? xD (sarcasm)
    No kidding haha :p And yeahh! :D

    Oh my daze you right!!!!! (Well I hope you are haha) the Clemont pulling Bonnie away is just the writers idea to get Ash and Serena alone, oh wait then there's the person who Bonnie was proposing to, to leave haha!
    Yeahh... Hummmm I guess we will just have to see with the whole Serena and Pikachu theme works out, maybe they'll interact a bit during this episode.
    Phaha xD! Yeah! oh man, I'm loving this series!

    EDIT - sorry! Sent the message twice, had to delete one *face palm*
    Haha! Sammmmeee! Good times, good times xD!

    You have a good point actually xD! And okay, so if Bonnie isn't in a love triangle, she's got to be the one who at leasts teases them, and tries to somehow bring them together, I think Bonnie's the best character for that :p
    Wow! I never thought of that, your right... *GASP* Pikachu knows her secret haha!
    Honestly I think she's concentration to much on Ash at the moment to notice Pikachu xD! I wonder if she ever does mention Ash and Pikachu's bond one day, I'm sure she will :p everybody does!
    Yeah :D! This episode is going to be so entertaining! 5 more days!! Well actually 4 more days it's nearly 2 were I am xD! I can't get to sleep haha! so I'm just on this

    Well it's awesome!!!!!! I really like the idea of the love triangle, as much I would love it to be Ash, Serena and Pikachu, I don't see it happening because of the reasons you said basically (but I can picture a little Serena vs Pikachu moment xD) I could maybe see one with Serena Ash and Bonnie ??

    I'm just going to be waiting for that one Ash vs Serena episode xD!!! No matter what, Ash always has at least 1-2 episodes fighting with the female companion!
    I have a feeling Ash has the flashback this time around, when Serena shows him the blue handkerchief, or the flashbacks could spread out threw the episode ?? I don't know

    I LOVE the idea of Ash chasing Pikachu, then Pikachu jumps onto Serena causing Ash to bump into her to xD! Excellent haha!
    I hope so to! I have a feeling that this episode will be mostly based on ash and Serena and their childhood than the race.

    Yeah, I'd love it if Pikachu notices xD! Oh man that would funny, I can see it now, Ash is being all oblivious, Pikachu sighs a uses thunderbolt on Ash!
    Yeah I guess your right haha! And were just going to have to wait and see how the previews come out, I'm excited for the 7th episode preview :p (and the episode of cause)

    That's a good point, hummmmmm.... AHH the wait is killing me Dx

    Yeahh, I guess you right :) I think he may like her, but knowing Ash, he wont notice that he does, and he'll be giving hints off with out realising it ??
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