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Ash The Boy
Last Activity:
Sep 9, 2018
Apr 14, 2016
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Ash The Boy


Ash The Boy was last seen:
Sep 9, 2018
    1. LadyTriox
      I look forward too it :) you're welcome too.
    2. Bguy7
      Thanks! I strive to make my story as true to show as possible, so that's the best compliment you could give me.
    3. LadyTriox
      Your profile about the first 6 pokemon regions is awesome :D Add alola next :D I wanna know what you'll say about it.
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  • About

    I like Pokémon since the first generation, I like all generations, for me each gen has its own charm.

    Kanto is Nostalgia, good memories of my childhood.

    Johto is Pokémon Legend, region full of legends, dragon tamers and the legendary trainer Red.

    Hoenn is Pokémon World, explore the vast ocean, cities and the mother nature.

    Sinnoh is Pokémon Universe, in Sinnoh I feel like I'm among the stars flying through the infinity.

    Unova is the Modern World, a world with many metropolis, the new world.

    Kalos is the simple Middle Ages region , another universe, the universe of Yggdrasill.