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Recent content by Ash_Junior

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    The Master Ball Conspiracy (#FFFriday)

    The moonlight glittered greedily over the sculpted marble, making the statue seem to glow in the near-darkness. The proud, stone man towered over a collection of fine art, priceless antiquities, and technological marvels the likes of which few people had ever seen. The carved, dead eyes surveyed...
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    Creative liberties with your Pokemon fanfic

    I don't really write a lot anymore, but I've come up with all kinds of headcanon and liberties. But I thought I'd share my two cents on off-region Pokemon. .....I just don't really care. When I write, I consider two things. What Pokemon I need for the situation, and what the current...
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    Life Amongst the Stars

    “Listen up, you scrubs!” a voice shouted from the top of the hill, resonating across the plain before falling apart amidst the stalks and branches of Viridian Forest. The speaker, a tall woman in a dark red peacoat over black trousers, glared at the mass of children before her. Nearly all of...
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    This new, Much Different World

    Michael watched as the pair of Eevee were put through their paces. Their fur rippled in the wind as they dove through the tunnel, racing out the other end as fast as their tiny little legs could take them. Their trainer dashed past Michael, directing the Eevee through a series of poles set up...
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    This new, Much Different World

    This is more of a world building exercise for myself than an actual piece of fan fiction. Extrapolating what the world would be like if Pokemon were around, and if Europe hadn't become the dominant power in the world. It also plays into the popular "normal person sucked into Pokemon world."...
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    d20 Pokemon RPG

    d20 Pokemon RPGs Hey, everyone, thanks for taking the time to read this. If you clicked on the link, odds are you're doubly a nerd--once for Pokemon, and again for being interested in a d20 version, or at the very least, a fan of d20-style pen/paper RPGs. Yes, wall of text. OMG SCAREH! If...
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    Following in His Footsteps (PG-13)

    Chapter 4: Unhappy Reunion. Viridian City Belle Terra Gym Silence hung in the air for several, long moments. Susan stared at the much older version of the woman she had seen in her vision. The woman looked back. If she was the same person, she was older now. Much older. Long, silvery gray...
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    Following in His Footsteps (PG-13)

    Chapter 3: Visions of the Past “All right,” Susan said, closing her eyes. “Let's see what happened.” The world seemed to fall away from her, until just it was just her, the arena, and her Pokemon. She was standing where she had at the beginning of the battle. All of the bleachers were empty...
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    Following in His Footsteps (PG-13)

    1/17/2012 AM Update--Chapter Preview in Spoiler tags at bottom of this post. /update lol....no problem. I'll keep sending you PMs, then, like I did for this chapter. I feel like I should explain a bit about Susan's commands. Monday Morning--this is a signal to attack. Basically, for...
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    Following in His Footsteps (PG-13)

    Chapter 2: Battle to the Beginning Susan tightened the straps on her arm-length leather gauntlet one more time before she was sure that it was secure. She took a moment to admire the workmanship of the leather and wiggled her fingers, smiling as the last few inches of her fingers emerged. It...
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    Following in His Footsteps (PG-13)

    thanks. I used to go for more of an infodump style (that sometimes went on for 4+ pages), but I've worked hard over the last few years to make my fics be more subtle in my description. And yeah, this is basically just the beginning, just enough to introduce a few of the early players, and, of...
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    Following in His Footsteps (PG-13)

    Not that long a time ago, in games most of us have played, Red defeated Giovanni, and foiled his plans to take over Silph Company and take the Master Ball for himself. Later, Red drove the evil genius into hiding shortly before becoming the Indigo League's Champion. Each chapter will have part...
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    Geography: Of Space, Time, and travelling

    personally, I think of them as the size of small, East-Coastish (US) states. Of course, in my continuum, every region is part of the International Pokemon League, which is made up of many, many regions, including an underwater league and a completely mobile maritime fleet league. And a couple...
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    BATTLES! How to write them awesomely?

    personally, for me, it's hard for me to do the "Yell commands, describe attack" anymore. My personal style is to basically focus on the action, and blur almost everything else out. I rarely even type out what commands are given anymore, focusing more on the actual results of the command, vaguely...
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    Following in His Footsteps

    To anyone who may possibly read this--is this timeline a bit too convoluted for you? Should I rework it so things work chronologically, or is slowly revealing her character by slowly unveiling events in her (and others') life(ves) working in this context? Because this really is all a bit of an...