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Last Activity:
Feb 6, 2014
Nov 4, 2012
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Member, from Australia

ash_siddiq was last seen:
Feb 6, 2014
    1. PhoenixShad0w13
      Hey, has anyone given you a DWF Nidoran? If not, I'll trade it for a DWF Heracross
    2. Darkendra
      Nothing much just thought I'd add you since what you have looks promising
    3. cobaltlion69
      Yup, I'm tryin to find a good lando now
    4. cobaltlion69
      Now I have flawless shiny therian thunderus ^_^
    5. cobaltlion69
      Bought a 3ds, bought dream radar, beat dream radar and caught therian landorus, took therian lando to abundant shrine, old man gives you reveal mirror
    6. Manafi's Dream
      Manafi's Dream
      I'll be in the DW for the next hour, so if I get anything else I'll let you know.
    7. Manafi's Dream
      Manafi's Dream
      I have a female DW Riolu, a female DW Shuckle, a female DW Ralts, a female DW Swablu, a female DW Munna, a female DW Drifloon, a DW Porygon, and a DW Rotom.
    8. Manafi's Dream
      Manafi's Dream
      Do you still have that Sneasel with the DW ability? And is it female? What would you like in exchange? I have a female Murkrow with a DW ability.
    9. Dark Mephiles
      Dark Mephiles
      Thanks for the trade!!!
    10. ash_siddiq
      got that. by that time, inform me when you are ready
    11. DX 2401PT
      DX 2401PT
      Okay. In 48 hours, I can trade once again. I'll be making the 4 Modest, shiny, DW Ability, IV 31 all Eevees. If you want any nicknamed (and if you still want to trade), then let me know.
    12. DX 2401PT
      DX 2401PT
      Yeah, the Eevees are going to be male. Believe me, it's difficult to get a shiny, IV 31 all, DW ability, female Eevee. A male one is 7 times easier. It is possible with RNG, but takes a while.
      Just so you know, here are the odds of randomly hatching a shiny, female DW ability Eevee with perfect IVs, proper nature, assuming both parents have perfect IVs and has Everstone attached (an offspring always gains 3 IVs from its parents and the other 3 are randomly generated. Therefore having parents with IV 31 all guarantees that 3 stats will be IV 31 all. Everstone makes the offspring have the Everstoned nature 50% of the time in BW):
      chance = shiny (1/2^13) x DW ability (1/2) x female (1/2^3) x IV 31 in all of the other stats ((1/2^5)^3) x nature (1/2) = 1/2^33 = 1/(huge number).
      Needless to say, without RNG, that's never going to happen.
    13. DX 2401PT
      DX 2401PT
      Hmm... okay. The only thing in the list that interests me (I already have important things like Drought Ninetales and Drizzle Politoed) is female DW Staravia.

      So I'll make 4 shiny Modest DW Eevees for 1 female DW Staravia, and 1 regular Shuckle (Dex reasons in W2), and 2 random things. I'll let you know when I can trade again.
    14. DX 2401PT
      DX 2401PT
      Okay... be specific. How many do you mean by 'few'? And list all the female Dream Worl ability Pokemon you have. Maybe you have something that I can use that I can't remember at the moment.
    15. Kevin24
      letting you know all shiny celebis are hacks. celebi cannot be shiny
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