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  • seems now for whatever damn reason i can't connect now with internet at the motel we are staying at. i could before
    you welcome and yeah it fills up so dang quick so I barely clean it out >.> I see your still around the forums I remember you from 5th gen section I use to work at silentreapers shop as a rnger which I just breed normally now since its easier to breed perfect ivs which rng is useless to use in vgcs and etc.
    Hey there! Cloning is allllmost done, sorry for the wait! I'll let you know when it's done for sure!
    Hey man, how you been? I was literally thinking of contacting you again last night lol. I've been a little busy lately though. Would you mind trading your bank balls over the weekend?
    Whoops. That keeps happening. It should be empty now, but either is fine! Thanks!
    So, it's my understanding that you've managed to get ahold of an event Shiny Jirachi. May I ask what nature it is?
    You can use spoilers or just put the main Pokemon/services you have to offer. If you copy and pasted all of your Pokemon spoilers, that would probably be fine. I wouldn't worry about size too much though :)
    Hi, I saw your post(s) in some of the trading threads. As per the Trade Forum rules:
    6. Don't say "see my sig/website/shop/etc" for a list. You must post your list in the thread itself.
    I don't want to delete your post or anything like that, so please put your list inside your post (copy/paste would be fine). Thanks!
    hi sorry to worry u ,but do u have a dw female drilbur in 5thgen,i can trade stuff from 6th gen aswell
    * looks down * hey just to let you know, when you go to answer a vm click the view conversation button first, that way you don't post on your own page and people know when you answered , so how are you?
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