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  • I was working in a high street retailer. The work itself was alright (in the sense it wasn't too mentally taxing), but my god it was SO BORING. Stacking shelves, sorting out the mistakes of the people working the day shift who (genuinely) didn't know how to alphabetise, and generally working up until 5am were pretty lame. Missing the sun was poor too. Sorry for the whining :p. I actually agree with the early shift point. I haven't worked as early as 4:30, but sometimes for my old job we had to get there at 8, when it was still a little cold and we were all a little tired. However, once you're fully awake, waking up early is awesome.

    Ack, been so long since we talked, sort of forgot your situation. Were you planning on going back to university at some point or am I thinking about someone else? Where you planning to go? I'm a little bit jealous in all honesty. "Setting out on the open road" and all that jazz :p. Might have to join you.

    EDIT: Oh, and happy birthday!
    Hello! Long time.

    Life and stuff and things are ok. I was working night shifts over Christmas which was pretty lame (but work I guess), but back on the lookout again now. Other than that, shiz is pretty normal/boring. Hoping it will pick up again soon.

    What about you? What you been up to recently?
    Wondering how your doing right now. We talked many moons ago and haven't heard a peep out of you since. So maybe hear from you sometime? Good luck with your goals :)
    Ughhh, the temperature dipped down right before fall break this week too(it's only two days of break, but it's BREAK).

    Why do all the cool places to live have to be expensive, anyway? Though I think Chicago would be weird, if only because I'd have to adapt to nobody else saying "bubbler" anymore...

    Yeah, the city life is cool. Especially when you realize you can actually walk to places instead of driving a car everywhere. And when you don't have to drive half an hour to get to interesting events.

    Awesome! Congrats! A more active job definitely seems better, since I know I get bored enough during slow three-hour shifts at my job; having to stand around bored all day would just be hell. (And there are definitions of busy that don't involve the internet? I know I'll go around not feeling busy, then notice that I haven't been to SPPf in a few days and wonder how that happened, and then go "I guess I am busy.")

    And thanks for the bday wish! The things I did include: Getting a delicious triple chocolate cake; going to the art museum(and discovering that french painters really liked painting nudes...); getting birthday cards from two aunts I don't even talk to but they give me money so I at least have to write thank you notes to them; complaining about how cold it was; going to a ****ing delicious restaurant out by the Target/VA area and getting enough food for three meals; did I mention the cake? And the semicolons?
    To be fair, the only reason I even have a digital camera is because my mom gave it to me so that she'd have an excuse to buy a new one for herself.

    Oh god, it's 80 outside. In October. In Wisconsin. Are we sure we're in the right state? (at least this means that it hopefully won't plummet down to being too cold next week. My birthday had better have good weather or else :mad:)

    Yeah, I feel like I should do some moving aroudn before I get tied down either. The problem is that all the places I want to live are either expensive(Chicago, NYC) or in states that are imploding(...although I guess Wisconsin's kind of imploding now too...). I definitely want to stay around cities at least; I've decided that I'd be way too bored if I went back to suburbia. At least you sound like you're familiar enough with Ohio to know what it'd be like there?

    Hey, you've been more places than I have! (though someday I'll make it out of the US for a vacation. SOMEDAY.) And clinicals entails...well, mostly just doing stuff I've already done, except in a Real Hospital. And with experienced lab techs watching the students so that we don't kill anyone.
    Hello! Nice to hear from you.

    To begin, some music. I'll give you three songs to begin, hopefully you won't have heard them all before. Sadly Bert Jansch died this week, but a silver lining might be he discovers some new fans. So try This for a starter. I also think you will love this and finally, some mega-awesome Dirty Work. I hope you enjoy them. I'd also love to hear some more jazzier tunes if you have the time to find them.

    The radio show was fun, sadly I don't think many listened though. If only we'd be friends back then, I could have had a Transatlantic following :p. The school thing is completely accurate too. I shall say though that my school was private, but rather atypical. Being in inner london, it was by no means just white-middle class. We had a lot of bursary students and the school is all the better for it.

    That commute was pretty poor, but for the most part I love public transport. I'm an awful driver, and I just love the sights and sounds that come with PT. Helps if you're not in a hurry though (I suck at time-keeping too). Trains are great providing the journey is long enough to have scenery and a time to really settle down. In fact, the London rush hour is actually quite fun providing you're not in a hurry. The madness is almost poetic. Sorry, that probably sounded very tacky.

    I think I have enough space to describe the authors really quickly. Pelecanos and Lehane are contemporary urban crime writers, whereas Stephen's books are set in Tudor/Stuart England. So hopefully it will pique your historical interests. I'll have more recommendations whenever you want. I'm getting into Westerns now too, so soon I'll be sending pretentious hints your way :).

    Is it too personal to ask why you're thinking of moving to Ohio? How was the trip?
    Pt Elias is with Bootcampwithjess Alpha co and is over 500 lbs, please help him fight the war of fat,obesity, one day at a time watch his progress help him o...
    That's a FB post by one of the Instructor at the Bootcamp gym I've in.

    Can yo please reply to this message with some words of encouragement for me to post on the status for Elias.

    Trying to get him as much support as I can, from as many people as I can.

    Herbie Hancock is (I've heard) very good. I only got into Springsteen a few months back, but now I'm just absolutely in love with him, and Clemons is one of the reasons for that. So many times his songs just go from good to great when Clemons kicks in like a beast. So so good. I was really into funk/soul (used to make a radio show based on them) for a long period a few years back. I still love it, but my tastes have shifted back into the rockier side of things the past year or so.

    I've been listening to the stuff you sent. Must admit I wasn't too keen on the LOTR piece (or indeed the books, don't hate me), but the other three were boss. I like how you (inadvertently?) raised the Classics theme through Vesuvius, which was probably my favourite piece of the four. I'm afraid I'm not educated enough to give a detailed analysis. I'm happy to send you some bands and stuff if you ever want to listen.

    I was at a boys only school from 11-18. It isn't weird to me because I don't know what it would have been like the other way.

    Right, the literature. First of all, you're lucky you enjoy your commute. For my last year of university I lived at home for several reasons, and had to go in three days a week. For two of these days, both journeys were at busy times, and as I had to get three trains there and two trains back, I had little time to relax. However, on friday mornings I had to be at university by 10. This meant leaving at 8, during the middle of London rush hour. Hell. However, after my lecture had finished, I had the only nice journey of the week. An empty train for the hour train journey back into town. Bliss.

    Re. books. Two blue collar crime guys I'd recommend are George Pelecanos and Dennis Lehane. In terms of historical fiction, look for Steven Saylor (who interestingly enough wrote gay erotic fiction prior to his roman mystery novels) and Martin Stephen. I'm running out of characters so will explain them better when (or indeed if) you reply :p.
    Oh yes, gotta love that electrical/maintenance room. And dang, you're still using film? (says the person whose only cameras are her phone and a fossilized digital camera that can't seem to hold a charge for more than ten minutes)

    You never went to the Public Market until just now?! I can't resist stopping there once every few months to pick up some cheese/bread/some other stuff that I want to be slightly more fancy that day. And all those other places sound cool. I probably could have seen more places, but Monday tests. (are the devil)

    Also, high five for the "no cars in Milwaukee" club. Who needs parking/insurance/gas/maintenance fees?

    And I never saw that documentary. I'd put it on my to-watch list, but that's already a mile long...I'm not sure how it's possible to be lazy about watching movies/TV shows, but apparently it is. :p

    You're planning on fleeing to Ohio? You fiend. (Although I thought most people were trying to escape from there...)

    In other news, I got my schedule for clinical rotations. The first week involves a field trip to VA hospitals in Chicago and Madison. My roomate was quite jealous. :D ...of course, my first week after that is ascessioning, aka "the most boring part of the lab possible since it's not even you testing anything." Oh well, at least I'm getting it out of the way.
    I did that aswell, but it's saddening to see that even now, N still doesn't have a cap.
    Ah well I don't know about you, but I have found that one of the benefits of graduating is that I can finally read for myself again. I read a small amount in my final year, but since I graduated I've just had so much more time to devote to reading. I'm a big fan of blue collar crime novels and historical fiction. Do you like fanfiction at all?

    Happy to give you the compliment.

    An enigma, haha. Very diplomatic. I guess it's a product of having four siblings and having gone to a male dominated school. Our ways of showing affection or compliments are essentially found within insults. It's a strange and silly world that of men.

    It would be awesome if you could send me some stuff. I assume it's more in the realms of Jazz? My sister played in her school's jazz band (she plays the sax too), and they had a jazz night every year. If you like the sax, I assume you liked Clarence Clemons?

    It was very cool. Keep posting in the general photography thread too. I hope it becomes worthwhile, even if it is just three or four of us posting and commenting.
    Grimsley x Ingo is my new OTP. It's also known as Dartshipping, because the two Sims always have the urge to play darts whenever they're together. That, and out of ALL of Grimsley's relationships, Ingo is his only homosexual one.
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