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  • It was at the Turner Hall ballroom. The area right in front of the stage was pretty packed, but people made room for the sudden dancing!

    And yes, I went to doors open yesterday. First stop was US Bank, which had an impressive line but an even more impressive view. I took a bunch of pictures with my phone...then kicked myself later when I realized I left it on the default tiny picture size. :( But it was still cool, since I could see my apartment from up there! (I also didn't know they had a bunch of stores up there, including an Alterra...). I also went to the Milwaukee Cupcake Company(which ran out of free cupcakes while I was standing in line), the downtown transit center(who knew they had a mini-museum there?), and I saw a bit of the fire department letting people knock down cones with a fire hose. Didn't go to anything today because of lazy/rain/work/didn't feel like it.

    ...I just noticed that the word filter censors "slut." That's not even a swear word! And yeah, we really do need to pound science into these people's heads. Too bad they dismiss anything that doesn't back up their views, even if that means following the one scientist who disagrees with hundreds of other scientists.

    Clearly we need to form an SPPf Milwaukee Baking Without Berries Club. ...or would that be too specific? (although I don't even bake that often. Baked treats are tasty, but so bad for you. :( ...but tasty...but bad for you...)
    He wasn't on stage, he was literally down in the crowd. And the dance was a silly "kick one leg out" thing. But as simple as that was, I still screwed it up. :p (and that happened three seperate times during the song, so I only had the excuse of being caught off-guard once.)
    Bachman seriously said that? I know conservatives hate HPV because they think it will somehow make people ****s or something, but :|. I think we need to chain these people in a biology lecture until they learn something.

    I'm not a fan of cranberries either. I'm not a huge berry person in general, really. And yet I love muffins, even though people love putting berries in those. Oh, dillemas.

    Haha, that sounds fun. Though I'd think you'd get tired of having to climb into that bed every night...

    In other news: Why so cold and grey outside? I miss summer already. :(
    Oh god, I can associate with the cutting of art funding. My department is threatened with virtual closure, which is ridiculous considering it's one of the most popular in the university, and that Classics is a subject which is growing in popularity and even more relevant today than ever. I hate the way we're just dismissing such an important part of our society. University funding in general is a joke. I'll end my rant here, but I could go on.

    On a serious note, I have the utmost respect for someone who is willing to work full time just to get in a position to better themselves academically. I've worked in my time, but it's only been to complement a lifestyle rather than make one. I think it's very commendable.

    I loved the trumpet too. I played for ages in the school band and took some grades, but I became really fed up with the way the band stayed in the confines of classical music. I don't dislike classical, but we were literally just producing similar pieces term after term. You will have to send me a pic of the bong. I'm actually going to make a general photography thread so we don't clog the picture thread up. I hope it takes off. Thanks for the comments in the pic thread btw. You look very nice too. A lot of the forum does. I guess I just don't post that very often because it seems generic. Although obviously by keeping it to myself I seem like a creeper. Hmmmm, one of my many logic fails.

    What kind of music are you into btw?

    Euripides is awesome. All the main tragedians are. My favourite greek author though is aristophanes, the comic. Have you read any of his work? He actually puts Euripides in some of his plays.
    Don't we all love Morty? He's hilarious on Pokesims (Y'know, the best Pokemon/Sims 3 blog on Tumblr) with Eusine.
    Thank you ^-^ and you can thank Neo Pikachu for the banner! =D it is beautiful and I love it. How have you been anyway? =)
    First, sorry for late reply. Life and shiz.

    Secondly, thanks for the congrats. Very much appreciated.

    My degree was in Classical Studies, which is basically a study of the world of Ancient Rome and Greece, mainly in translation and focusing on many aspects of the ancient world like Literature, History, Archaeology and Philosophy. I even did a bit of the language (Latin, not Greek) in the early stages of my degree.

    I loved it. I regret not doing a bit more language, but I just loved learning the different aspects. I had an interest in the area for years, but I learnt so many different things and ways to argue and write. In later years I want to do a Masters and a P.H.D, but I think I'll wait till later life to do that. Probably until my 30's. I'm also not sure whether I'll stay in Ancient History or move into something more modern. I'm intrigued by how cultures interacted with one another before the electronic age. We did some of that at university, and it was the most interesting. Sorry if that was boring.

    Music? Cool. I read you play the sax and drums. I have a drum kit but have never had the chance to play it really, living in a built up urban area. I did however play the piano and trumpet for many years. I love music.

    Why do you want to change? What would you change to? I'm a bit confused as to how the American University system works. We just kind of go, work the degree then leave. How come you're not there at the mo?
    Aside from a few songs from KILL and Heartbeats and Brainwaves that I didn't know(PS: They had HB&BW for sale. And I couldn't buy it since my dumb *** had no cash with me. FAIL.)...
    After Hours, Down at McDonalzzz, Clusterfuck, Pink Flamingos, Gay Bar, Gay Bar Pt 2, She's White, Dance Epidemic, Danger! High voltage!, Heavy Woman, I Buy The Drugs, Dance Pattern, Germans in Mexico, Dance Commander.
    Dance Pattern was pretty awesome since Dick Valentine was in the crowd during it. Before the song, he was all "here's a song for the ladies! Are there any ladies here!"...and kind of shoved me down by putting his hand in my face(in an amusing way, not a violent way!). And then during the song he drug me and some guy into a stupid dance(and he and the guy swapped jackets, and before the next set he was all "wait, this doesn't fit me", so they swapped back). He did it right as I was digging out my phone to take a picture of him, too(but some awkward fumbling prevented me from dropping it). He also made a joke about Scott Walker causing rising gas prices...ACROSS THE GLOBE! MONEY'S WORTH: ACHEIVED.

    Half the reason I took this job is the fact that we can get free meals before and after our shifts. It's not great food, but it's free food. The only bad part is that I work so many nights a week that it's harder for me to get leftovers for lunch breaks during class. Maybe I need to start making huge batches of stuff during the weekends? Or maybe I need to steal the pumpkin muffins from your job...

    You mean you don't want an obnoxiously tall bed?

    I hope you do too! I love the views from tall buildings. I kind of wish my rooms freshman and sophmore years faced different directions so I wasn't looking to the west both times; seeing Miller Park is cool and all, but a lake view would be really cool...and now I am facing west, but I'm too low to the ground to get much of a view.
    Since I've only mentioned it twice now: I saw Electric Six at Turner Hall yesterday. They ruled. I don't care if you've heard or them or not, I'm ordering you to see them live if they ever swing by Milwaukee again. (okay, maybe I won't go THAT far...)

    I don't like talking on the phone either...but I also hate texting. Then again, I have a lame old phone that's annoying to type on.

    I work in a cafeteria, and there's usually a couple people coming in. So it's usually busy enough for me to do something. But if not, I chat with my coworkers. And maybe try to sneak samples of the food.

    oh, I misread that as you stacking the mattresses on top of each other. And here's a picture of the view I had on the 15th floor since I love image spam(and also a foggy one. Why don't I have any pictures of the view on a clear, sunny day?). And damn, I wish I knew about the proper version that elevator trick. I tried just holding the door close button, but that didn't work. Oh well, I just had to settle for glaring at the lazy ****ers who took the elevator up to/down from the 3rd floor.
    I was going to babble about how I saw Electric Six yesterday and it was awesome.

    Then I saw that you were viewing the convo between us so you're probably typing something up now...
    Text makes life so much easier for socially awkward people. (possibly even too easy, since now we can avoid a lot of actual talking in favor of computers) Alas, there are still many things we still have to say out loud.

    It was actually kind of funny going up Sears Tower. I was all like "yeah I can step out into the glass box thing!" And then some primitive part of my brain went "YOU ARE NOT STEPPING OUT INTO NOTHINGNESS" even though the rest of me knew it was fine. But I finally managed to step out into it and did not fall to my doom. At least my lizard brain still knows that stepping off "cliffs"=bad?

    They don't let people read at my job, so you're lucky! Though I'm not there for 12 hours at a time, so in a way I'm also lucky. (at least until I get a Real Job in the Real World) Ugh, I can't imagine standing around a coffee shop for 12 hours. I love the smell of coffee but I think I'd go crazy after that long.

    ...you know, I went roomate-less for half the time I was in the dorms. I totally should have stolen their mattresses. Though I doubt it would have made them much softer. And goddamn, you got to live on the 26th floor?! I was stoked just to be in the 15th floor of my sophomore year dorm. (and now I'm on the second floor of my apartment complex...it's nice not having to wait for elevators, but the view isn't quite as spectacular.)
    Never tried salvia, or acid I'm ashamed to say (though it is top top top of my list. For the first time though I would feel that I'd need to be around friends). I also have a strange relationship with E. Of all the filsm they showed us at school to scare us, only the ecstasy one worked. I have a completely irrational fear of it. Makes no sense.

    MD is the shiz. It tastes so so horrible, but man it just zones you out something special. I also accidently bought cocaine once (I know I know, how do you accidently buy it), and that was pretty good. I shared it out between a couple of friends, and it was pretty good. I've tried it once or twice since.. Def prefer weed though.

    Ah man I'm so envious of your situation. It sounds so sweet. I'm pretty much abstaining from all of that at the moment. I just finished university, so back at home living with the parents. While I'm job searching, I think it would be very out of order to smoke regularly, would give out the impression I'm taking their hospitality for granted.

    For something as communal as weed, a lot of people are certainly very stingy when it comes to buying their fair share.
    It's so easy to do that, too. "Hmm, I don't feel like practicing on my bike today. Future Juputoru can take care of that. Do I feel like making chili? Nah, future Juputoru will have to eat leftover pizza."

    It's just for people in my major, thankfully. And I think I'd be far too awkward to randomly say hi to an internet person I saw in the real world. *cue twilight zone music*

    I think they said that pictures weren't allowed up in US Bank...though I doubt they can stop all the phone pics. At any rate, going up there will be so awesome. :D I love the view from tall buildings. Even if it can get kind of terrifying sometimes...I got to do a tour thing of Sears Tower a couple years ago, and there was an area where you could step out into an enclosed glass overhang. When you were dozens of stories high. Eep!

    I've kind of given up on reading the Shepard Express. I already have enough trouble keeping up with the weekly Onion/twice-a-week school paper/bimonthly Wisconsin Gazette. Funny how I can spend so much time on the internet but reading newspapers gets shoved into the "eh, I'll do it later" pile. (at least I do read them...if they're free.)

    UWM must move-in later than Marquette does, then. (although I think the non-college residents would kill us all if they had to deal with that many freshmen at once) And dear god, I almost forgot about horrible dorm beds. The one I had sophmore year was so hard that not even a mattress pad made it not rock-solid. NEVER AGAIN.
    Nope, it costs exactly the same. Well, it varies between universities anyway, but there's no drastic difference. Next year tuition fees across Britain are tripling though, so it was good that I got in this year! Which state do you live in then, guessing it must be one of the northern ones?

    Well then, if I'm ever in the states, or you're over here, we should look into that, could be pretty fun ^-^ they're all on my Facebook - except pictures of the 3 youngest ones, but there's hundreds, so it's effort to put them all elsewhere XD

    Thank you!!! Major confidence boost ftw =D

    TAYLOR SWIFT!!! =D she's so pretty =) *swoons* thank you, I'm glad that it made you think of me =P
    I must admit my experiences on such are relatively limited. At most of the house parties I used to frequent, bar one or two (which ended up being awesome), I was often the only one to bring weed. As such, I became somewhat resentful paying for seven or eight peoples' highs. I smoke by myself very regularly, or just before I go out. However, the few times lots of people brought weed, we'd find a bedroom, seal all the windows and doors, and get very merry. It would be very funny to see which members joined in.

    The main reason I want my own place is to start having house parties and hot-boxing again. Smoking by yourself is quite fun, but communal is what it was invented for.

    Do you mind if I ask if you take(n) anything else?
    The good things are worth working for.

    These are people that think underwear will save you from being killed.

    Easy to be sweet to you. You'd like my place and working here. No one really cares about weed here.

    Oh **** me it said my message was too long and I was closing the tab right as I saw it, so I lost everything. :mad: CONDENSED VM GO GO GO.

    Yeah. Too bad it's hard to go apartment hunting anywhere but downtown since I don't have a car. Oh well, I have ~8 months to worry about that...

    My lock wasn't damaged, thankfully. And clinicals happen after the classes are done. Sort of; we have senior seminar once a week, and clinicals will let out early on those days.

    The furthest I've gotten on the Riverwalk was to the bridge to Van Buren/Brady/Something around there. And speaking of tall buildings, have you heard about the Doors Open thing? It sounds like a cool way to check out a bunch of buildings you normally can't. I definiately want to check out the US Bank observation deck, maybe city hall...think I'll pass on touring the Marquette buildings, though. :p

    Stabbing notes is never a good thing. :( But yes, science is amazing. It's brought us wonderful things like modern medicine, electricity, eco friendly cars, and trans fats. (wait, that last one isn't wonderful...)

    The 105th was the big motorcycle parade down wisconsin/other streets, right? I remember that from early in freshman year. Not the best way to wake up on a Saturday morning, but at least it was cool to watch.
    dont laugh at my pink DS !!! it was more manly than me !
    dont get the black one , the blue one looks so amazing , the way it shines is lush ! and i hate blue !!!
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