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  • I'm planning on staying in Milwaukee. Where in Milwaukee I'll live is another question entirely, mostly depending on "what can I afford that doesn't have a million hour commute and is also not in a shitty area of town."

    Just don't blame me if you end up in some campus paper as providing alcohol to minors. :p Speaking of campus safety reports...my class had something D:! happen to them yesterday. Around 11AM, someone went through and cut a bunch of locks off the lockers. One guy got his laptop & wallet stolen, and a girl had her ID stolen(but the thief tossed it into the lab aide's lunch bag?). And people found out about it while I was out at lunch(we do lab all day once lecture's done, so we take lunch whenever we feel like it), so that was confusing to come back to. "Why does everyone have their stuff out? Are they DONE already? Wait, why are they heading back into lab with their stuff? WHAT'S GOING ON?"
    Thankfully, I don't keep anything in my locker other than my bag, some old lab papers, and my apartment keys. I think the thief would be doing me a favor if they cleaned out those papers!

    I love finding little hidden routes to places. Walking everywhere during the summer encourages lots of...alternate routes...so that I don't get bored just looking at Wisconsin and Wells all the time. Although I still haven't finished my goal of finding out how far north and/or east I can go on the Riverwalk. That thing's so loooooong.

    You know science is perfectly fine to turn into a verb when a person who sciences a lot uses it like that. Language works like that, right?

    Yeah, Wisconsin weather's(SO COLD. And it doesn't help that my apartment's still warm, so I keep forgetting my jacket...) not so great for motorcycles. And yet Milwaukee is somehow Harley Davidson city...how did that happen?
    No no no no no, I'm English! XD I'm going to a Welsh university though =) that's pretty cool though with you, what do your parents think about living in America compared to Ireland and what not?

    I'm hoping it will be a good course =) though I'm sure I'll enjoy it. My ideal career would be to work in a zoo or sanctuary of some sort, and be able to interact with the animals and teach people about them, raising awareness of the various problems in the animal kingdom and such. Oh, Ashley, are you asking me out on a date? =P I look forward to seeing those pictures, I've got hundreds from Thailand if you ever want to see some =)

    Thank you so much!! I saw your comment on the thread, and it's made me smile =) it feels so good as an author - yeah, I'm calling myself an author =P - to have people praise your work when you put in so much effort to get the chapter out. I must admit, the last two chapters have been harder for me to get into writing, but number 4 has something I've been wanting to write about ever since I started planning! Expect that this weekend.
    What about a kiss

    It's really caffeine, but they look at it more as coffee manly because it's hot. Caffeine is just one of the small things that only the ones that see that has the only way to live by go with. We do have a good amount of coffee houses here and even if you couldn't find a job at one I'd give you a job at our store and even let you be my roommate.

    How did you know? She asked nicely.

    What about the idea of a hug from me?

    It could be worse. A big part of the LDS religion that take sit to the extreme is having no coffee. My mom's friend was in tears once because she took her husband's coat to the cleaners and found a McDonald’s coffee cup in the pocket. She thought about leaving him because of it iirc; they did get divorced but that’s because he was getting some other coffee on the side ;), but still a big deal bout coffee here.

    Just being honest.

    A friend of mine on here asked me to change with her for a week.

    Well, I'll be starting my first year in a town called Aberystwyth - it's in Wales ;) and I'll be studying Animal Behaviour, so the volunteering in Thailand was especially good!

    Thank you ^-^ I could write quite a bit about most of the gibbons there, but there's so many of them that it would just take forever XD

    Alright then, I hope you enjoy it =)
    You're most welcome =) aww no though, that sounds bad =( I haven't had work in months, I'm hoping to find something when I go to university in just over a week, get a little extra money and what have you =)

    Yeah, there were loads of them that I held hands with. There was one named Noi, who when you went near his enclosure, he'd swing down, waddle over to the corner, turn around and point to his back with his hand, saying that he wants you to scratch him =) all this while giving out a soft little, "ooo". There was another called Bobo that I used to sing with, because he'd give out a loud call, then I would reply, then he would go again, etc etc, usually while I was holding his hand. Kik Kaw would put his foot out for you to rub instead of his hand, then throw back his arms and lie down, sometimes smiling or giggling a little bit. There's 3 stories to get you started =)

    ****, if you're still only an amateur, I look forward to seeing your works when you're a novice ;) I hope all of that goes well for you then, it all sounds new (well, old) and exciting!

    A banner for my fanfic is going to be there instead, which I am now going to shamelessly self-promote and suggest you read sometime =P and then comment on it as well so that the thread is bumped. Nothing has been posted there since the weekend, and I've been busier so work on chapter 3 has been slow, but I'm getting there!
    I'm still not looking forward to finding an apartment after I graduate. It's hard to even get an idea of stuff when your transport is limited to feet and buses, and I don't want to have a multi-hour commute. D:

    Pfft, why sell your ID to a freshman? Just become their official beer runner and rake in mad moneys on a regular basis. That will definitely never lead to you getting busted.

    Aw, I wish I had that button. I'll just have to settle for seeing the billions of those posters on Brady Street whenever I'm down there, I guess. :p

    Ha, it'd be great if it worked like that. "okay, so if I learn enough about Mozart, my brain will know how to science." Alas, knowing how to science involves a lot of hard work and wondering how anyone's passing when it never feels like anyone is doing well enough on any of the tests.

    I'm gonna wait until I have a (non-part-time) job to pay for the motorcycle, at least. And then I have to find out what motorcycles are good ones and aaaa so much work. At least I don't need one, so I'd have plenty of time to sort stuff out.
    *Runs to picture thread to check out Ashley's face* wow, you are very pretty =) 'twas worth the wait to see that =P

    Oh it was, it was the best experience of my life! And the gibbons <3 they've become my favourite animal now. I got to hold hands with some of them, scratch their backs, play with the younger ones by swinging them about and up and down, as well as cuddling them and a baby one (9 months old!) I could really go on and on..

    You're welcome =) people say there's no skill in photography, it's just pointing a camera at a good time and clicking. Yes, anyone can get a GOOD picture, but there is skill to get the BRILLIANT ones that you yourself have managed to, I am jelly. Damn photo shop place! I can make bad things happen to them...if you like.

    Haha, yeah, she's my big crush =P the one who I'll always admire but never get XD she is a very talented musician and a lovely, beautiful woman. Some man will be very, very, very lucky, and I will hate his guts ^-^ the banner will be replaced shortly though..getting a new 'un.
    Do you really or is that just a cover for you like the idea of me hugging you?

    The U of U is a good school that can offer a lot of great skills for him.

    lol no worries you aren't the first to ask that. I did quite it because when I got older and started to look back on it, it all sounded so stupid. Then I looked more into other things and in the end of it all Atheist made the most sense to me.

    Well no matter what you try or don't try you're beautiful/hot/pretty

    Saw your post in the pivture thread and thought you could use this

    and this


    That would be cool if you’re friend ends up coming here. What school would he go to?

    We’re ex Mormons and they made us learn to always be prepared

    I would love that. Going for a nice walk and seeing far ahead of me then going for a swim.

    I saw that and must say. You’re a lot more beautiful than I once thought.

    I believe Mark Twain said "There are lies, damned lies, and thern there's statistics." so who know I could really be terrible!!

    Okay I seem to have an affinity to you style of humor or at least maybe your personality because I lol when I read that last line pretty good.
    I like sundresses! Yeah somedays depending on how I feel and what the image of myself in the mirror tells me somewhat reflects my confidence level for the day. I know it may sound strange but sometimes I wake up and I know I'm eating and running 7 miles but somedays I still feel overweight or something! Its a weird thing to descibe I mean I know Im not fat. Are you a fashionista or something?

    My mom has sweared for several years now that I am worse than a teenage girl about clothing lol
    I don't even have a car, nor does my roommate, so that's more savings for us! (though I think we'd be stuck paying for the university parking garage anyway) And the campus area is pretty much abnormally cheap for downtown; taking a quick glance at apartments in downtown proper, things seem to be running ~$1000 at cheapest. Ouch!

    I suppose I'm lucky(in a demented way) that my mom was always kind of having trouble getting by, since it meant I always got fat wads of financial aid. Though it make me feel kind of out of place with all the upper-middle-class and rich kids at Marquette. :p
    And it's nice to see that you're taking care of that debt. I'm...not looking forward to paying off debt in a year from now. D: (naturally, my fat wads of financial aid include government loans on top of free money...) And at least you're thinking of a practical use for college; I know it's nice to be able to learn about **** you love, but at the end of the day you are paying thousands of dollars for a degree, so you'd hope you could get some actual use out of it!

    Hm, there's an idea. Take my bike on a little bus ride to the east side and practice there...even without the bike lanes, everywhere that's not downtown has so much less traffic that it'd be nice to ride in.
    I always get a morbid laugh when I see people riding bikes(motorcycles or regular) without helmets. It's like...do you WANT to die? >:O And I heard about the other safety gear just reading up a bit on motorcycles; protecting your head is nice and all, but it also sounds nice to have stuff to reduce skin getting ripped off/ankles getting broken/etc.
    You're very welcome for the compliment =) just would have been better if we could see your face, I'm left wondering and using that small one in the corner XD I can't take photos of cool stuff in Thailand anymore though, seeing as I've been home nearly a month now =( I do miss those gibbons though, bet you could have got some amazing piccies with your photography!
    hahaha nice ! i'm in a bad way, gone to visit my mum, they've all popped out , i gotta fat bag , but i have no rizla ! and i'm stuck in the middle of nowhere !!
    ahh man it's not cool when they do that, specially when you've been playing for hours and it just dies out of nowhere :( at east now i dont have a pink DS ! not so girly anymore :p
    I'm taking a Bio lab, a survey of American lit, some super lame intro
    computer course and my last spanish class. Very long day... ¬¬

    Permaculture sounds pretty cool! Working in a lab sounds like fun
    though, I've always wanted to be a lab rat. LOL, I LOVE Froot Loops,
    and yes, they really aren't that great for you. :(

    IKR?! Life would be much easier if I could get my master's in like,
    english/science while taking some music classes.
    Meant to say as many games as you can not all. They can coast a lot, but for the true fans it can be worth it just to tell the stories of what they saw. Next week my brother and i have VIP seats for the BYU and U games and are going to go. About an hour drive, but we got pot for that.

    As much as I find the mountains beautiful I would like to see a nice flat land place some times, and ones with water all around.

    Yes they are. Would be nice to have them back, but Jurassic Park showed us what would happen with that. They are cloning a Wooly Mammoth with help from Elephant DNA.

    Couldn't add you so messaged you with mine for you to add.

    The apartments around campus are pretty cheap for the most part(this place is $745/mo split across two people). But a lot of the commuters seemed to live in Milwaukee before coming to Marquette anyway. Why pay rent when you can mooch off your parents?

    Good for you for heading back to school. I'd definitely aim for classes you could transfer to an actual degree(or certification or something) eventually, since there's no point in going to college just because you feel like "well I should be going there." Then again, I'm not sure what exactly your situation is, but it sounds rough. D:

    I have to admit, if I ever get better at riding my bike, I'd definitely be staying away from the busiest roads(though I don't think anyone sane would ride near, say, Wisconsin Avenue anyway). I kind of wish we had bike lanes here; I've seen some a bit further away from downtown, but no such luck in downtown itself. And getting into an accident would freak me out too, especially since bikes give you no protection other than your helmet and the clothes on your back...
    ...and yet I also want to get a motorcycle eventually, which would be even MORE dangerous. Though at least then I'd have an excuse to get a full set of leathers/awesome gloves/awesome boots/awesome full-head helmet. And it wouldn't tip over(I hope) since it's self-propelling. (Why do I want to go around town in everything but an actual car?)
    Very busy, I go from 8am to 8pm, lol.

    Oh wow! All of those are awesome classes! I'm very partial to
    science though, it's my favorite subject. Bio 101 opens you up
    to pretty much all of those, and it's a fun lab class.

    I know what you mean though, I was a percussion performance
    major in conservatory before I changed schools. Going from
    things like Music Theory and Technique classes to core classes
    is a rough transition... Ack /:
    A place we buy product from there wanted us to tour there place and my brother who travels was there on a horse show. Do you try and go to all their games?

    You’d love the mountains here; we always seem to have at least a little bit of snow on them on matter the time of year. Also have all kinds of ones to view some with trails, some with rock climbing and sorts of stuff.

    You might have over a thousand animals, but we got dinosaurs here. They put up models of dinosaurs and make it seem like a big deal

    That sucks. If you ever do feel like trading numbers or facebooks or anything just let me know.

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