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  • I don't remember.. I was a friend in your 3DS Friend List? Or you meant the 3DS Friend List thread?

    Yes, I can't wait for Pokemon fighting game. :3
    No. I have Smash Wii U, but I didn't enter any tourney.
    Alright, my username on Nintendo Network is my username here.
    I'll probably main Link, Pikachu, Greninja, Robin, and Lucina if I can play well with them.
    É mesmo u.u, você acha gente de todo mundo, menos do Brasil xD
    emfim, tudo de boas?
    So who'll be your main characters to play as?
    I know right? I can only play Pokémon XY so many times before it gets stale...
    Sure, just be sure to VM me around this time as I'm usually available then.
    You're totally right about that. XD
    Well it's long over, so we can drop the subject haha.
    Depends, if I like the demo of SSB4 on 3DS then I'll be sure to, otherwise not likely. You?
    Well depends on the nature of the joke, but it's an old subject now.
    Maybe, just depends on the situation of the battle.
    Yeah, I know that now.
    They are, plus making jokes are against the law apparently...
    Thanks for your support, I appreciate it.
    It is. Easier said than done lol.
    Well the problem is that some Pokémon are just very bad battling on a competitive level. Like Typholsion, Pikachu, etc.
    They are?
    Made a few jokes that people thought were unfunny.
    I think the Uber tier legends (Mewtwo, Xerneas, etc) aren't allowed, Pokemon like Lati@s and Raikou are fine.
    I'm only on the, second tier I think.
    On PS and Pokemon XY Wifi, yes.
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