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  • But there aren't legendaries there, I think lol.
    That'll take an eternity.
    It's a cool move, why?
    That;s a good idea.
    There is the Battle Maison, a small extra bit of story, but otherwise that's it.
    I did? Ah great...
    I'll check it out then.
    It's very good, post game is lacking though.
    OR/AS seems like it'll be good. Maybe you should wait till OR/AS and Z are out, Z will be more complete.
    Really? Isn't that unconventional?
    Really? Good for you then.
    They're so annoying.
    Oh I see then.
    It's pretty easy if you've got a Ditto with good IVs.
    It's not for the impatient that's for sure.
    Really? I should really get on my PS3, but I've just started IV breeding in Pokémon XY.
    Sounds cool enough as long as there's a VISION GT car in it. So did the BMW VISION car get released?
    Really? So do you just look the words up?
    Yeah, I heard it was rare, and I couldn't believe my eyes seeing it.
    Hmm, I'm not into the Yugioh card game, I'm more into the anime.
    That card that was my favorite, was the Yubel card, it was so rare.
    Cool, I did have a Pokemon deck, until I lost it, I really need to be more organized.
    I see then, that makes sense. So you know how to read Japanese?
    I see then. So why is it Japanese if you don't mind me asking?
    Really? That's cool. Smash looks great.
    Hmm, I don't. I used to play a little bit of Yugioh, but then I lost my best card and became disinterested. And also because I lost the rest of my deck. You?
    I had a DS Lite that had it's hinges break...
    Cool, do you have Pokémon X/Y?
    I've got a GBA that has it's battery pack dead, 3DS, and Wii. So nearly the same as me.
    Got it, will be checking to se if I found you.
    Yes, it's very fun to drive.
    Cool, I haven't done that race yet.
    Hmm, it's okay to me, I just like having more control over the car.
    Nice ideas. In Gran Tursimo 5, I tuned this Mazda Concept Car into a beast. Great handling and great power too.

    Sure, what's your PSN ID? Mine is WhiteTiger075
    Yeah I know that.
    There are no demos really.
    Cool. I just like the ones that I can handle well.
    They're not?
    I mostly like the expensive sport cars like the Mercedes Benz AMG-SLS
    I but what's interesting to me, or look at reviews. I do that because I want to avoid wasting money.
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