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  • Yeah. I'm actually trying to go for the dark plot BW1 had along with the shipping moments. I want it to be equally balanced.
    Ok. Here's the title, summary, and character bios for my new fic:

    Pokemon: Dawn and the Hero of Truth
    Disclaimer: I do not own Pokemon
    Summary: Dawn has returned home after splitting up with Ash and Brock in Sinnoh. She is then invited to help promote contests in Unova by traveling there and competing in them. During her journey she will meet a mysterious green haired teen and an organization that fights to liberate Pokemon from their trainers. This fic will have Aventurineshipping (DawnxN) hints along with following the Team Plasma plot from the BW1 games.
    Main Characters:
    Dawn: a Pokemon Coordinator that accomplished runner up in the Sinnoh Grand Festival. She plans to participate in the newly promoted contests in the Unova region.
    Ursula: Dawn’s rival from Sinnoh. She is participating in contests in the Unova region also.
    Bianca: A clumsy blonde haired girl. She is unsure of what her goal will be.
    Cheren: A new trainer from Nuvema town. He plans to take on the Unova gyms and become the Unova League Champion.
    N: A green haired teen and the leader of Team Plasma. He also takes an interest in Dawn when they meet.
    Team Plasma: an organization of trainers that fight to liberate Pokemon from their trainers.
    Is this something you might be interested in? :3
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