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  • hey, i only just saw the sequel to for a friend I WANT MOAR. i'm sorry it took so long for me to read it, been busy with school work, would have put this there but i fear spam infractions, not really much of a review so yeh. anyways, hope chapter 2 is written and ya havn't just forgot this
    I see, I better try double checking before I post then, hehe.

    By the way, I'm planning on writing a fan fiction on Hatshipping, however I'm not sure many people would appreciate it. It's very gritty with mafia-like attributes and has no romance whatsoever. Think it'll pass?
    Terrible, eh? That doesn't sound overly pleasing. What seems to be the problem, and may I be of assistance?
    Greetings! I have returned from my three week departure and just visiting for a hello. How's it going?

    Any new information that I may require?
    I'm ok I'm going away on the 9th august. are you going to have a go at that shipping thing ~Mist~ made
    I would be extremely surprised if you talking to her wouldn't sway her decision, even a little bit.
    Unless that thread is under dictatorship since I left, I'm sure we can work it out in a sensible manner.

    What this forum needs is a complete overhaul. Not liking somebody should not be a reason to ban or lock whatever they do. *Points to ~Mist~'s signature* And you're right, they should at least tell you why the thread wasn't acceptable. (Did you see anything wrong with the thread?)
    Nicely done, and excellent points, I shall take note.
    Also, it is possible that I could ask you to talk to ~Mist~? Perhaps convince her to take me off ignore and allow me to present my case without the havoc of a full-blown feud occurring? I would greatly appreciate it.

    Bah! A mod just closed Mew304's and I's thread without even giving us a reason as to why. What did we do wrong this time!? (I'm putting my money down on Chelc as the one who did it...)
    Ahh, well it's good to see a fellow Pokeshipper backing me up on this.

    Here's a fraction of what I've written up about my ban:
    Have any suggestions?

    Indeed, a few kicks will surely solve any problem that confronts you.

    What am I ticked about? More than likely the reason I got banned from the pokeshipping forum. I could go on and on on reasons I shouldn't have been banned on their terms, but only with your permission for me to continue speaking my case. Shall I?

    Also another reason is that Mist didn't even bother to respond to my farewell and apology message. Bah, people like that are making me sick of this forum. (Most others, including you, have still been great though.)
    So there was a war raging, eh? What happened?
    And I'm doing fine and dandy, thanks for asking. A tad ticked though.
    Hey, just checking up on some of the latest happenings.
    How's the battle raging? By which I mean how is it going?
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