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Nov 23, 2018
Jul 19, 2012
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Ashrynn was last seen:
Nov 23, 2018
    1. TheDarkDragons
      I'd be more than happy to get you a Female Wartortle in a Special Pokéball. Just lemme know what you want (besides Master, for obvious reasons) If at all possible, can I get a HA Eevee OR an HA Dratini, but in a Luxury Ball? If that's not doable, that's fine. Just let me know!
    2. Grumpy Drizzle
      Grumpy Drizzle
      Your private message box is full. :)
      I'm almost done with my task.
    3. cascadethewarrior
      Oh ok. I just thought I should tell you that to respond to the person on a visitor message click "View Conversation" so the person can get a notification that you responded :)
    4. Ashrynn
      It was a work thing, no biggie!
    5. cascadethewarrior
      Oh You went out of town you say? Like a vacation?
    6. Ashrynn
      Oh I'm a bit busy, out of town. Trying to check in now though sorry!
    7. cascadethewarrior
      Hey Ashrynn, What's up? You don't seem to come on as much as you used to :)
    8. cocoadragon
      hello congratz on your caterpie :) butterfree looks awesome in your sig
    9. andresballer03
      ashrynn, just thought id let you know that you are ridiculously helpful and well knowledged. i appreciate the help, so keep it up :)
    10. SmeargleRocks
      thats fine with me about the time as long as its before 7:40pm EST
    11. SmeargleRocks
      where you are, what time is it now here it is 3:26pm
    12. SmeargleRocks
      okay great can you trade now what is your FC? use my black FC
    13. SmeargleRocks
      i can trade you my jolly victini for your jolly meloetta now offhand do you know if this meloetta is uncloned im still fine if its not and this is the Meloetta from the movie lv15 PP Max event right? just wanted to double check
    14. Redphienix
      I owe you a replacement shiny from my shop!
      I apologize but it has been found that the shiny Charmander was hacked. I am in the middle of getting a refund from the trader who gave me it, but in the mean time I traded YOU a clone of it! So please glance through my shop and message me your decision! I sincerely apologize for this ;3;
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