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Last Activity:
Apr 21, 2017
Mar 30, 2005
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wanderin' free

AshsBabyLapras was last seen:
Apr 21, 2017
    1. Nagasaki
      Hello. I am a newbie here, and I want to join the ASB. I have read the threads, but I am confused. Please direct me on where can I post my squad. You know, better be safe than sorry. Tnx.
    2. Raleigh
      You're welcome. Dang you haven't gotten any VM's for a long time. XD
    3. Raleigh
      That's a really beautiful avatar. :)
    4. Jerichi
      abl ur avatar is so pretty i am in shock about how pretty it looks, esp. In the profile thingies
    5. Joshua - Shadow Brigadier
      Joshua - Shadow Brigadier
      Not quite such a lol-able scenario really... Do you have much trouble sleeping, or do you simply keep yourself too busy/occupied to sleep regularly?
    6. Joshua - Shadow Brigadier
      Joshua - Shadow Brigadier
      :D So sweet Dani. Although I worry about the fact you posted that so early in the morning. Have you been sleeping regularly Dani dear?
    7. Joshua - Shadow Brigadier
      Joshua - Shadow Brigadier
      Always worth the wait to hear from you Dani dear.

    8. Erik Destler
      Erik Destler
      I like your avatar. :D
    9. Razor Raven
      Razor Raven
      Well hello there, hon ^^ what a nice surprise to see you *glomp* How are you? =o
    10. Razor Raven
      Razor Raven
      Hey sweetie! (Belated) Happy Valentines Day!

      I'm so sorry for the delay, I don't know where my head was D=
    11. Torkoal Stu
      Torkoal Stu
      Psssst. ABL. Pssst. Pssssssst.

      Miss you <3

      Hope everything works out fine for you D: But just thought I'd comment you on my first official day back after my week off of self reflection and living. Talk soon hopefully!
    12. Sapphiredragon929
      I'm hear to brighten you day...but the beauty of your smile would shame the sun...
    13. Joshua - Shadow Brigadier
      Joshua - Shadow Brigadier
      Hiya Dani! It's only taken me... six months to respond, go me!

      Hope you're feeling well, and that you had a Merry Christmas.

    14. Torkoal Stu
      Torkoal Stu
      Merry Christmas ABL =o Enjoy it and I hope you get everything you want, talk most likely soon hopefully =o Hope you're enjoying America, no Wussey's this Christmas! \o/ That is the real christmas present for this year *shot*.
    15. Razor Raven
      Razor Raven
      I'll be gone over Christmas, I hope you and Nick have a great Christmas! *big hug*
    16. Torkoal Stu
      Torkoal Stu
      Congrats ;o You go girl, I knew you couuuuld *hugs*. So called it :D OMG you're on step closer to League Champion =o AND FIRST PLACE BOWL. So awesome. =o Hope Americas is going goood too~ Ttyl.
    17. Torkoal Stu
      Torkoal Stu
      Giving you a comment for completeness cause I just PMed Muyo =o Hope your trip goes welllll ;o Don't forget to punch you know who you know where :O Have a nice time and and and and look both ways before crossing the road because they drive crazily over there D: Be safe ;;
    18. Torkoal Stu
      Torkoal Stu
      Omg a week =o Good luck, it'll be great ;o No Wussies! It looks like Durian has it covered with this round, nice use of three mover pwn. I approve ;o Not that you need my approval or anything anyway =o And thanks! Next up Fire Gym for SD! :D Good luck in your costume thingy tomorrow too =o
    19. Torkoal Stu
      Torkoal Stu
      =o Hey ABL. See I can leave messages, I'm not totally useless. ;; Hows things? Getting ready for the trip of a lifetime? DURIAN PRIDE. Ttly kick butt 4 sure =o! Talk soonish? Hope so D:
    20. Insidious_Dreamer
      Hey? ur health is not so good? Is it that Muyo hanging around too much? (:P) Wow, I'm a fan of Thai food as well, however, I'd be happy with some old fashioned italian any day.... Disney is faire as a genre, and its a soft spot of mine, but I have always loved the romantic comedy, and sometimes action as well... my colour is black, so no commoality there.... but being a uni student is one - im about to graduate from my bachelor this year.
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