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  • Hello. I am a newbie here, and I want to join the ASB. I have read the threads, but I am confused. Please direct me on where can I post my squad. You know, better be safe than sorry. Tnx.
    abl ur avatar is so pretty i am in shock about how pretty it looks, esp. In the profile thingies
    Hey sweetie! (Belated) Happy Valentines Day!

    I'm so sorry for the delay, I don't know where my head was D=
    Psssst. ABL. Pssst. Pssssssst.

    Miss you <3

    Hope everything works out fine for you D: But just thought I'd comment you on my first official day back after my week off of self reflection and living. Talk soon hopefully!
    Merry Christmas ABL =o Enjoy it and I hope you get everything you want, talk most likely soon hopefully =o Hope you're enjoying America, no Wussey's this Christmas! \o/ That is the real christmas present for this year *shot*.
    Congrats ;o You go girl, I knew you couuuuld *hugs*. So called it :D OMG you're on step closer to League Champion =o AND FIRST PLACE BOWL. So awesome. =o Hope Americas is going goood too~ Ttyl.
    Giving you a comment for completeness cause I just PMed Muyo =o Hope your trip goes welllll ;o Don't forget to punch you know who you know where :O Have a nice time and and and and look both ways before crossing the road because they drive crazily over there D: Be safe ;;
    Omg a week =o Good luck, it'll be great ;o No Wussies! It looks like Durian has it covered with this round, nice use of three mover pwn. I approve ;o Not that you need my approval or anything anyway =o And thanks! Next up Fire Gym for SD! :D Good luck in your costume thingy tomorrow too =o
    =o Hey ABL. See I can leave messages, I'm not totally useless. ;; Hows things? Getting ready for the trip of a lifetime? DURIAN PRIDE. Ttly kick butt 4 sure =o! Talk soonish? Hope so D:
    Hey? ur health is not so good? Is it that Muyo hanging around too much? :)P) Wow, I'm a fan of Thai food as well, however, I'd be happy with some old fashioned italian any day.... Disney is faire as a genre, and its a soft spot of mine, but I have always loved the romantic comedy, and sometimes action as well... my colour is black, so no commoality there.... but being a uni student is one - im about to graduate from my bachelor this year.
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