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  • this is very helpfull thank you AshsBabyLapras, i'll be checking the section and it's technical info out for sure.

    i'll see you there when an oppertunity arrises for me:)
    for sure, i never tried it out so who knows i might join in sometime, are you able to give me a link to a tread that explains the rules of the game maybe? i'd like to know more about that:)
    oh the Anime Style Battling section, it's one of the few places on these forums that i don't visit often, to be honest i don't even know how things work there is that section some sort of role playing game where members can sign up for?
    hey AshsBabyLapras i havn't seen you as a mod yet on the forums, at which sections are you assigned if i may ask?

    Just filling in that long time between chats D: Hope you're doing well =o Talk this weekend? =o
    Thank you ^^ Yes it does, I still don't know much about it ^_^;

    I do know that it's good to hear from you again =o *hugs*
    Okay, it seems I only just figured out how this Visitor Message thing works....I'm so sorry, I thought I actually responded to you back then :<
    Hey ABL you probably read the message I sent Muyo but it wasn't fair to leave you out ;;. Talk soon hopefully <3~

    My clocking msn became a mother clocking ***** and totally clocking crashed and wouldn't clocking reload and then I had to let my clocking sister on clocking SIMs and and and now I'm using basic msn :x The clocking ickiness. Anyway night guys and thanks. Hopefully I'll talk to you guys soon ;; Or show you loads of photos when I get back =o

    Love you guys <3~
    >You just have to be creative. :eek:
    >You just have to be creative.
    >just have to be creative
    >have to be creative
    >be creative

    That's totally not me o=
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