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  • I wanna apologize in advance lol for that companion thread, it's gotten pretty much derailed now and I can see it being closed (hopefully it doesn't happen). I got carried away due to one particular user in question, hopefully the posts are just removed and the thread remains open
    *Cloud appears*

    Dragalge: Alright Jorgumand, bring this guy into the army of the dead! *cloud disappears*

    *Jorgumand fatally poisons AshxSatoshi*

    Perfect...another member to add into my army. I'm curious to who's next. Fenrir. Jorgumand. You both have done well as has Dragalge. We'll keep growing more powerful as time goes on
    Well, I'll suggest you to go there and interact with those people on how they're seeing things. I'm not saying that I disagree with you, I'm just saying that you shouldn't expect people around the world to share the same views as you do. I don't think VA alone would save the overall reception of a character, it also depends how well the character is written along how appealing the character physical appearence is.
    Hello, I just wanted to give you a reply about what you wrote from the "Are we too hard on Iris?" topic, and I'm doing here because it might be off-topic as well.

    Imo, there's a huge social-cultural difference between the West and East Asia, and I can understand why people are divided about the stuffs shown in the anime. The thing is people in East Asia are not well exposed to black people compared to the West, which affects her popularity and popularity sells over there, kinda similar why Marvel's Black Panther movie was mixed in China while it was universally praised in the West, Chinese people aren't used to see a cast full of black people.
    That's cool.
    I am currently playing it, I am a bit disappointed though. Anyway it's still mainly great!
    Well, it's almost winter break for you since you're still in school right? You'll have plenty of time to play Ultra Moon this month.

    Sorry I took long to respond. I just haven't been active on Serebii lately.
    Yeah. She helps me feel i don't NEED to 'understand' things or hate myself :)

    She's something i just know is good. For once in my life


    She makes me want to just make up new meanings in things that i can relate to more too.
    Honestly, she help's me stomach other people better :/ I just don't understand 'boy' things AT ALL or why someone NEEDS to 'like' them to be an acceptable part of society...yeah.....On a happy note she helps me believe i can do anything or be anyone more. Honestly she's probably my most favorite character from fiction of all time. I even want to give up on believing in evil spirits thanks to her :)

    And, yes, i have autism. and i've dealt with horrors no one else could likely imagine...somehow....though lets just keep to happy topics, like korrina and pokemon, please :3 i'm sensitive...and easily upset...even if i'm strong....

    Korrina is amazing..... :) she makes me want to accept this world more
    Awww thanks :3 My name should really be something like "TopKorrinaFanGirl" since i have a huge as life krush on korrina xD i tell everyone online about it too. i'm not afraid to share that i have a lesbian crush on my favorite poke girl lol :D
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