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Recent content by Ashy Boy

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    Favorite Minor Characters

    Kelly/Kanata (Hoenn) Sakura (Johto) Charmaine (Johto) Angie (Sinnoh) DJ Mary (Johto) Solana/Hinata (Battle Frontier) Astrid (X&Y)
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    Team Rocket

    I think they were already gotten tedious and annoying during Sinnoh and I have had watched enough dub DP eps to back it up.
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    Ash's top 6 Pokemon

    1. Pikachu 2. Charizard 3. Bulbasaur 4. Heracross 5. Swellow 6. Buizel
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    Ash's best Flying Type Pokemon

    Swellow is clearly my fav flying-type pokemon
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    Frozen on their Tracks (598)

    this episode was one of the lamest with a predicatable scene of Team Rocket capturing Ash & Co's pokemon (or most of them) and getting all cocky about it which is made even worse in the dub version.
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    Claim a Song Thread version 2.0

    SexyBack - Justin Timberlake - Ashy Boy - 11/26/2012
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    What is your favorite animated Disney film?

    I was going to say Wall-E, but since Pixar movies are somehow not considered Disney films I'll have to go with 101 Dalmations.
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    SPPF's Claim-A-Bishie thread

    OLD: Yu-Gi-Oh! Valkyrion the Magna Warrior belongs to Ashy Boy NEW: Dinosaur King Zoe Drake belongs to Ashy Boy
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    team rocket,for better or worse

    I actually think that Team Rocket hasn't been the same since the voices changed six years ago.
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    Coming Full Festival Circle! (644)

    It's bad enough that Jessie acted liked a poor loser (as usual) but what she did and said to Dawn was nothing short of disturbing. But then again, I would expect anything less from Jessie.
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    What is the Worst and Best TV Show for you?

    Then why are you wasting your time here?
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    Dp143 & 144

    I'm really looking forward to those two episodes, especially that Kotone character. However, in the previews, what's with the old man?!?
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    Has the pokemon anime lost its touch?

    I think the anime has already lost its touch in the dub version since it parted ways with 4kids back in 2006. Also, I really hate Ash's new (PUSA) voice, because it's not as memorable as his old voice. In fact, it has made him sound way over the top.
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    Why was Jessie's Lickitung so poorly handled?

    Probably not enough screen time.
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    A Trainer and Child Reunion (567)

    What did Aaron sound like in the dub? Anyone familiar or just a fresh new voice?