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Last Activity:
Feb 19, 2020 at 7:09 PM
May 21, 2008
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Santiago de Chile
Helping my family

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good reader, from Santiago de Chile

asperger1981 was last seen:
Feb 19, 2020 at 7:09 PM
    1. purple_drake
      XD Aha, well, I'll admit to not having read 'Lucki' in its entirety, but I have been told that parts of that story were inspired by mine. Considering 'Lucki' is a parody on badfic, I'm kind of scared to ask which parts. XD The author did concrit the old version of my story though (and by 'old' I mean the bad horrible version with the Mary-Sue in it) so it's possible. I'm more bemused/amused by the idea than anything else.

      Thanks! ^^ Things are going to get a lot more... ahem... 'fun' in the future. >D
    2. SBaby
      If you want to address the current dub of Pokemon without enraging impulsive Mods, it's probably easier to take the matter up with PUSA itself, rather than posting about it on message boards.

      I'm not trying to mini-mod here. But in my experience, even just calling them and talking to someone (which is also alot easier and faster than most people think) tends to get things done more often.
    3. asperger1981
      Pretty much all you threads in the 'shadows of fear' saga appear twice, so I was taking about that

      Sorry if was rude
    4. Morpher01
      ...when did I have repeated threads? If you mean my fics...well, I dunno. One copy is stickied, so...I don't really know.

      I don't know about co-writing, either. Probably won't be up for it at all. It's an interesting concept, though.
    5. Teddiursa fan forever
      Teddiursa fan forever
      eh, i'm starting to review quite a few fics. especially first-time writers. ^^ and actually, i've written a contestshipping oneshot and am starting a new fic about a pikachu and raichu and various other pokemon and their life of crime. ^///^
    6. DarkPersian479
      I do apologize, but I have a lot going on, including two fics I already BETA as well as my own fic and numerous others that I read and review. Not to mention real-life stuff that's going on. Take a look in the "BETA House" in the Author's Cafe; you might find someone there with time enough to help you out.

      Good luck on finding a BETA!
    7. asperger1981
      thank you very much
    8. Burnt Flower
      Burnt Flower
      Hm, I'll think about it. I haven't been a beta in a veryyyyyyyy long time. XD
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    Santiago de Chile
    Helping my family
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    frequent customer of the fanfiction forums

    videogames, anime, documentals, comedy, etc.