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    Could somebody tell me why they banned yami-ryu?
    Mostly it has to do with behind-the-scenes checking, I believe; they reviewed her history and between that and the argument I think she'd just had with another author they decided a temporary ban was appropriate.
    Could somebody tell me why they banned yami-ryu?
    Not that I'm going to make a defense speech or anything (quite the contrary, really) but It really called my attention, and I'd like know a bit more on the subject, If anybody mind.
    I do have good news for you then - Rocket Frontier (Revised) is coming soon.

    The problem with the fic was that it took too many twists and turns for me to keep track of and I stopped writing it and it started writing itself compeltely out of my control. I've basically had to tie a big choker around my imagination to keep the fic in line with where I want it to go.

    I'm currently revising all the current chapters that I had done for it. Once that's done, in a couple of weeks, the Revised edition will be getting posted. It's not gonna be vastly different from the original, but it will have some significant changes ^.^

    I hope to see you there *cookehs*
    *Late reply* Actually, Tyler's role is completely planned out - probably one of the only two parts that is. Hopefully he'll start to look less annoying before long. But thank you for the offer.
    I have not read that fic (guess now I have to) but that sounds really cool! What do I have to do to be involved? Or am I too late?

    To be honest, I haven't been posting chapters here because they are a pain in the butt for me to post (the whole italics thing) and I didn't know I had actual readers. Thanks! I think I'll have to start posting again...
    Thanks for your comment. It's always nice to hear something like that.

    At the moment, I'm kind of having writer's block with that story, but I hope to have something up by next month. It probably won't be here, though, as I'm very inactive here, but I can let you know where it's going to be updated if you wish.
    Yuki's story is going to be a little more serious and a little less comical the second time around.

    The first chapter has been rewritten, but it's still going through a beta phase. So far there's no serious problems with it, so that's good.

    I plan to work on chapter two soon.
    You appear... then you disappear. Who are you, might I ask?

    Well, as a matter of courtesy I shall say, "hello" and ask, "how are you?"

    Sadly, I don't have any ideas for a new story right now, and school isn't helping.

    However, if I do, Lisa will most likely be the main character again, though she'll be three or four years older.

    I will keep you posted:)
    Hey, would you like to join a gaming forum?
    There's forums for all different kinds of systems.
    Microsoft (Halo, Gears of War, CoD4), Sony (Little Big Planet), Nintendo (Pokemon, Mariokart,SSBB)
    It's a small and growing forum, so if you decide to join up, have fun.
    Oh and remember to put "Postman" as your referral.
    If you decide to not join, I understand
    Sorry about the extremely late response, but I have actually thought of recycling certain parts of Making Two Dreams Come True especially the misogynistic region. Dunno how exactly, but I like the concept.
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