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Recent content by asperger1981

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    Fic ideas V.2

    Someone obsessed with pokemon reproduction... ...Denzel Crocker style!
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    O.K. Thank you!

    O.K. Thank you!
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    Future Forum Styles Discussion

    What about a Groundon theme, and an Arceus default type one. You know, for the pendant Ground and normal pending themes.
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    Fairy-type Discussion Thread

    How would you introduce the fairy type to the game? Hope they don't do it in such a forced way as they did to the steel and dark types in the past. Maybe a pokerus variant or something like that might help. Don't you think so?
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    The Corei Quest...rewritten!

    Haven't you thought about continuing in a new thread? It could make the history a little easier to the reader. or not? p.d: great chapter.
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    Mew VS Victini VS Celebi VS Jirachi VS Lake Guardians

    Is it me, or mew suddenly lost all the love?
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    the metroid interquel syndrome

    Is it me, or nintendo seriously don't want to make a sequel to the metroid series, and have been seriously avoiding the issue. Not that a remake to metroid II, super metroid and metroid fusion wouldn't be nice either; neither that I dislike the newer games (all the contrary) , but sooner or...
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    What do you think is the WORST pokemon & why?

    Unown=thing with only one attack. nuff said.
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    If You Could Have a Starter That Wasn't a Starter?

    trubish or anything with false swipe. mostly for easier captures.
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    The Official DPPt Recent Happenings Thread (Remade ~ READ THE FIRST POST OR ELSE)

    Recently; I've been having problems both in platinum and in heartgold global terminals. Could somebody tell me whats going on?
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    Remaining Type Combinations

    ice/poison poison/psychic fighting/flying
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    ~Nameless Supplanter~ [PG-15]

    Are you going to end the story in chapter 7? or are you going to continue? It seems that you gave to this nameless laddie a downer ending, yet you hinted at previous attemps... ...which sounded like an excelent sequel hook, might I say so. Read you latter!
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    You are not exactly a fan of cursa, do you? Making her disapear with her father was just plain mean, specially counting their background together. On the other hand, I kinda like that really nice clyffhanger; mostly the part of the future visit of Jirachi. If you ever make a continuation for...
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    Are you sure?

    Are you sure?